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Planet Alert for December 2002

It’s December already and Christmas is almost upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2003. Time is really going fast. On December 3 we had a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. The darkness from that eclipse was seen over Africa and Australia. Those two countries have been in the spot light for the past couple of weeks. There are fires burning in Australia, and violence in Africa. I’m sure we will hear more from those countries because eclipses activate events.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet just went retrograde, and will stay that way until April 3, 2003. Jupiter is usually considered the jovial planet, although in the retrograde phase it is more serious. Jupiter rules religion. During this eclipse the Sun was conjunct Pluto which gives energy to that planet. Pluto is the planet that uncovers things that have been hidden for a long time. The Catholic church has had their challenges, this will continue. Some of the other things that will be affected by this eclipse are banks, schools, colleges, mountains, horses, teachers, etc.

The planets look very stressful from mid December until the Winter Solstice. The Sun will be opposing Saturn, which is transiting over the New Madrid Fault. Saturn also rules the economy. It looks like Christmas will be very low key this year because many people are out of work, which contributes to a depressive atmosphere. Christmas has become very materialistic. Maybe it’s time to change to a more spiritual, joyful celebration. A time of getting together with friends and family to simply enjoy each others company.

Another planet to look at is Mars. This planet is moving into position to be at the closest point to Earth in August of 2003. It will be the closest it has been in 50,000 years. That is pretty awesome. Maybe we will be able to see the structures on Mars with a simple telescope. Mars has always been considered the war planet, and is fiery in nature. I think we will see many volcanic eruptions during this time period. It is also the planet of war, and is transiting over the Middle East right now. The opposite side is the West Coast. It will be activating those areas until the end of February 2003.

Mars will be making a 90 degree angle to Neptune in mid December. This activates viruses, vaccinations, bacteria, and biological issues. Mars is also activating Jupiter which causes troop movement. In January Mars squares Uranus, which is over southeast Asia. This is a very explosive aspect. Mars will be very powerful as it moves closer to Earth. How many of you know there is a planet named Vulcan? Astrologers have known this planet exists for a long time. Vulcan is between the Sun and Mercury. In Mythology it is said to veil the heart of the Sun. We haven’t been able to see this planet because it is too close to the Sun. Could one of the objects seen on the SOHO satellite pictures be of the planet Vulcan?

This planet is going to be very dominant for the next six months because it rules the Dreamspell glyph that was in effect on the day of the lunar eclipse that happened on November 19, 2002. This glyph is called the Red Serpent. The Red Serpent represents the planet Vulcan, our double DNA helix, and our Kundalini energy. This energy rules our life-force, and is very passionate, resourceful, motivated, strong willed, powerful, creative, and wise. It is also the purifier, an extremist, and is very charismatic. This energy will be in effect until May 15, 2003 when there will be another lunar eclipse.

The Sun sends out solar rays. These rays are ruled by the planet Vulcan. The rays that come out of the Sun are considered serpent rays. These rays are sent to Earth and are absorbed into the ground where there are dragon lairs or vortexes. One such place is Stonehenge which is known for its serpent (or Lay) lines. The serpent woke up during this last lunar eclipse.

The chart for November 19 shows the Sun conjunct Mercury, and Vulcan which is on 4 degrees Sagittarius. This degree rules detectives, and undercover work. Could this have anything to do with Homeland Security, and the undercover work that goes along with this bill? This bill was passed on Monday, November 18. A few days later the president signed it into law. The New World Order now has complete control. How long will this controlled society last? Time will tell!

Because the moon was lined up with the Great Central Sun Alcyone at the time of that eclipse, much light was sent to Earth. This light is what is causing the Kundalini energy to begin its ascension. I received an email yesterday called, Lady Kadjina Speaks. If you wish to read her articles her address is: In her article it says; “The South Pole is similar to the root chakra of our planet. It says that Earth has now reached the point where she has taken back her power. She has broken the chains of the ‘battered woman’ syndrome. When this happened she connected her Kundalini energy and it rushed from her root chakra straight up to her crown chakra at the North Pole, which accounted for the great spike in Earth’s geomagnetic reading that occurred on November 25. She says that the 7.9 earthquake that occurred in Alaska on November 3, caused her to shake herself free, and opened her crown chakra.” She has now taken back her power, and it is time for us to do the same thing. No more fear. Fear is simply the lack of love.

I had a dream on the morning of November 20 where I had a huge snake for a pet. Then the scene changed and the snake was outside, and it was frozen. (Snakes go to sleep in the winter.) I was petting it to wake it up, and it was very hungry when it finally awoke. Then a whole group of very happy, joyful children came running down my driveway to play with the snake.

This dream is very symbolic. The snake represents the Kundalini force and the double DNA helix. The snake was frozen, (sleeping) and about to wake up. Once it woke up we moved into a very joyful time period as symbolized by the children. The snake will probably sleep, or slowly awaken until we reach the spring equinox in March. There is a Mayan celebration that honors the serpent as it starts moving up the pyramid at the exact time of the spring equinox every year. There are many people who attend this celebration.

The winter season is considered the dark night of the soul. I believe Earth will be going through some very intense challenges this winter as the Earth starts to shake herself free, and her inhabitants wake up. The November 19 lunar eclipse started moving our Kundalini energy. As this energy starts moving up your spine and through your chakras, you may experience more stuff in your face. The Red Serpent Fire cleanses as it moves through the chakras. Anything that needs to be released will appear before you in various different ways. I think it is important to be aware of this event so you don’t get all bent out of shape if stuff reappears that you thought you dealt with years ago.

In several creation myths, the serpent Vulcan is the father of twins, or our double DNA helix . The twins represent male and female, or positive and negative energy, which is symbolic of duality in our universe and in our bodies. The twins rule the sign of Gemini, and Saturn is moving through that sign right now. Saturn will be there until the end of May 2003. During this sojourn of Saturn through Gemini the twins need to be reunited in our bodies so we can manifest oneness. We are moving into a oneness universe. The energy that is here now is on one frequency, not two. This energy has never been here before, and we have a tremendous opportunity right now to move into the new frequency.

I read a very interesting book called, ‘The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom’, by Mark Pinkham. In this book it says that during the minor terrestrial destructive phases of Earth, the reunion of the Twins precipitates the full awakening of Vulcan, the Earth’s underworld, androgynous fire serpent. This activated serpent fire or planetary Kundalini then proceeds to reorganize and purify the Earth via earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

During Earth’s destructive phases, the Twins unite within the human body and awaken the androgynous fire serpent or spiritual Kundalini at the base of the spine. Once awakened, the spiritual Kundalini destroys limitation (form) and eventually makes a person immortal. Once the spiritual Kundalini is awakened within a person, it rises up the spine to the top of the head and eventually merges with the Crown Chakra, the seat of Spirit in the body. Along the way, this high frequency fire serpent fully activates all the chakras, destroys limitations on all levels of a person’s being, and finally transforms him or her into a god or goddess. When the snake reunites with the eagle (the brain) a person becomes a Serpent of Wisdom. Such accomplished Masters can elect to leave the physical world and travel within their Dragon Bodies to the upper dimensions of the universe, or remain on Earth as teachers.

According to the legends of the Hopi, the twins were instructed by their mother, Spider Woman, to migrate to the north and south poles and stabilize the Earth’s grid with their opposing polarities. Now we are at the end of the polarity creation and mother Earth has been shaken free. This means she is about to take control of her destiny and is not going to put up with anymore destruction to her planet. The Earth is about to start rocking and rolling as she cleanses her surface. Watch out big brother, you will be short lived. No more oil cartel. It’s time for new energy sources such as the power from the Sun.

The planet Vulcan rules the 13th sign of the zodiac which is called Ophiuchus, or Asklepius. The 13th sign also represents the woman goddess called Spider Woman. Asklepius was the son of Apollo, the Sun God. Asklepius had a Greek healing temple. He had snakes everywhere and people used to go to this dream temple to be healed. The medical caduceus was his symbol. This same caduceus is the emblem of our creator goddess. It symbolizes our DNA.

We do live in interesting times, and who knows what this new year will bring? The Kali Yuga says that peace begins in 2003 – probably in the later part of the year. Keep your light shining as we move through this holiday season. Stay balanced as the serpent starts moving up your spine. Express compassion, instead of anger, as you watch events unfold on the world scene. Remember, it’s all an illusion. The fastest way to create a new life is to give thanks for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*** By Mahala ***

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