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Planet Alert for July & August 2002

What will summer bring? How do you feel? Are you happy, or have you been pulled into the energy of fear, lack, or depression? Do you have a job and enough money to live comfortably? Does it feel like life is very hard right now? Do you wonder if life will every change? What is bringing up all of these fear thoughts? Could it be that we are in the final throes of a mind war? Is the dark side doing everything in their power to keep us in fear? Are you caught in that vibration?

There is a major mind war going on in our local part of the universe. Some people are aware of it, and others don’t have a clue. This war is manifesting on Earth, and this is why it’s time to stay centered in the light. It’s also time to pray for peace within, and to love yourself unconditionally. It’s time to praise and bless yourself instead of criticizing. Every time you criticize yourself or others, you are judging. This means you are not loving yourself, and you can very easily be pulled into the fear vibration. To change your life, change your perspective – look at everyone as great beings of light.

We are creators. We create everything in our life. Some people say, I didn’t create that, I am a victim of circumstances. There are no victims. You created the event for something you needed to look at. You created your whole life before you were born, and when the planets are in the right place, things happen. This may appear like it is an outside source causing events to happen in you life, when in reality you created it by setting up your birth chart the way you did. You are responsible for everything you create.

There is a new energy on Earth called oneness. It is on one frequency instead of two. This means we can finally move out of duality, and start creating our life the way we choose to live it. The first step is to realize that we can now create from the basis of love. I believe the way to do that is to live in the moment – in joy, peace, and happiness. Once you have reached joy, everything falls into place and all you have to do is think, and so shall it be. In the past we created from a duality consciousness which caused much chaos in our lives. Now we have the opportunity to create from unconditional love.

The gateway at Stonehenge has opened. I hear this gateway opened on the Summer Solstice. This is major news because that gateway has been closed for thousands of years. The dark side refused to let it open. This is a major doorway that opens to the great, great, central Sun in the constellation Virgo, or M87. Stonehenge corresponds to 29 degrees Virgo. This point in space lines up with a black hole that is big enough to hold five billion suns! Do you realize how big that is? This black hole holds 27 galaxies in place, which includes our Milky Way galaxy.

So what does that have to do with anything? By keeping that gateway closed we were forced to stay in the lower frequency Earth. I don’t think ascension was possible until that gateway opened. Now the opening to another dimension is possible. I heard that the main job of Jesus was to open that gateway. He couldn’t open it because the time wasn’t right -the frequency of Earth was not high enough.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus spent so much time in France and England. He traveled to those countries with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, who owned a fleet of ships. They went to those countries to mine tin, and to try to open that star gate. King Arthur also tried to open that gate, he failed. There is a legend that Avalon disappeared into the mist. Did it move to a different dimension?

Many different sources say that Jesus came from the House of David, and the Tribe of Judah. They have traced his lineage down through the Kings of Ireland, Scotland, France and England. In the Bible it says that there shall always be someone of the lineage of David ruling over us. Did you every wonder why England became so powerful? They ruled the world for a long time. Now they rule it behind the scenes through the world bank. The power to rule was taken away from the royal line of England in 1653, when Oliver Cromwell took control of parliament. King Charles lost his power and was executed. The king’s execution left Parliament as the government of England. Did the dark side take over the lineage of David at that time so they could rule the world? Another reason to take control of that lineage was to keep the star gate closed so the Earth could not ascend.

The star gate was controlled by the dark side. Now that the star gate is open again, there are many dark ones who are lost, and don’t know what to do with themselves, so they go around looking for mischief. They can cause all kinds of damage because they don’t care – they know their time is short. Bless these beings – they are also part of God. Stay centered in love and fill your body with the Golden light of the Christ. It is also a good idea to mentally clean your house by filling it with the Golden Light. Then you could put a crystal dome over your house or property. This will be a very pretty site from the etheric level. By filling our bodies with light we will appear as many candles all over the place. It takes just one little candle to light a dark room. Preparation for the star gate opening happened on August 11, 1999 when there was a total solar eclipse in that part of the world. I know many people who went to France and England to be on those lay lines as the eclipse occurred. That eclipse was on 18 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This set the energy into motion to open that vortex. Then the Crystal Grid was activated on April 13, 2002. This energy took awhile to integrate.

A new surge of energy always comes in at the solstice and equinox. This solstice opened that star gate. Then on June 30 the planet Venus reached 18 degrees Leo, and on July 1st our Sun had a huge flare. It’s like the Sun said: Hey! You people on Earth, you finally made it. The doorway to a higher dimension is now open.

We are embarking on a very exciting time period where anything is possible. The Earth is splitting into two different dimensions. Right now we are on the bridge between the two. All you have to do is cross over the bridge to get to the other side. This is now possible.

The time period of Saturn opposing Pluto is still being felt by those manifesting a lower frequency. This is a very negative vibration, and is why we are in a terrorist war. This energy will be in effect until June of 2003. Many areas are experiencing drought right now. This energy will continue because of Saturn being in Gemini, a dry sign, and Pluto in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

There are cycles that are set up by the planets that cause certain events. The Earth has been in a cycle of drought since April of 2001. Drought has been very severe in the areas ruled by Gemini. This is the area between the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River which includes Colorado, California & Arizona which have had huge fires. The opposition of Saturn and Pluto, by sign, will continue for another year. This means that drought and fire will continue. Mars moves into Leo, a fire sign, in July and Jupiter moves into Leo in August. There will be a lot of emphasis on heat and fire all summer. The Saturn/Pluto opposition also rules lack of jobs and money if your personal chart is being affected negatively.

Saturn is starting to move over the New Madrid Fault, as witnessed by the earthquake there in June. By September and October of this year Saturn will be almost on top of that fault. When Saturn was on 25 degrees Taurus, and the moon was moving through that sign on February 28, 2001, there was a 6.8 earthquake in Seattle. Mount Saint Helens erupted when the Sun was on 27 degrees Taurus.

When planets are in the later degrees of Taurus it affects the West Coast. Now Saturn is affecting the midwest, and the same scenario is being set up over the New Madrid fault. I experienced the quake in Seattle with no damage to my house or anyone I knew. When a disaster is possible or occurring in your area, keep yourself and your family surrounded with the Golden Light. It works wonders. With Pluto in Sagittarius, which rules mountains, there have been many volcanic eruptions all over the world. This energy will continue, and probably increase now that Mars and Jupiter are moving into fire signs. War is another manifestation of fire. The areas experiencing most of this energy are the Middle East countries, along with Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Negative energy will continue in those countries unless we create a different reality. A lot of karma has built up in those countries that is being released.

With Mars and Jupiter conjunct for a couple of months there may be a temporary improvement in jobs and employment, which is good news for those who are out of work. It’s interesting to watch the changing cycles of the planets. Some planets move through a sign very fast, and others stay in the same sign for many years. Pluto is one of the slow moving planets and is called the transformer. This planet has been transforming things that are ruled by Sagittarius such as religion (priest scandal) schools, (pledge of allegiance) and the banking system (Enron and Worldcom).

We do live in interesting times. Aren’t you glad that you chose to be born at this time to experience all of these lessons. It’s only at the ending of an age that this great opportunity is present. There is a wonderful future ahead for those who choose to raise their frequency, and move into the oneness energy. Freedom comes when you live in joy!

So Be It!



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  1. somewhere you were talking about crystal ships v can you tell me more about them might be the same ones i know about thanks

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