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Planet Alert for May & June 2002

May is such a beautiful month. Nature is expressing all of her glory with the abundance of beautiful flowers that are in full bloom. What a joy to behold. The heavens also proclaim their glory with an alignment of planets. This alignment will allow you to see every planet in our solar system in a single evening! After sunset you will be able to see the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. A few hours later at 4:00 AM you will be able to see Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by telescope. There are also two comets out there to watch.

On May 5, the bright planets Mars, Saturn and Venus formed a perfect equilateral triangle in the western sky. This dazzling configuration was visible almost everywhere on Earth. This pyramid-shaped configuration was directly above Bethlehem. The full moon on April 27, GMT, at 6 degrees Scorpio, was right over Jerusalem. Is this trying to tell us something? Then, on May 10, the planets Mars and Venus will appear to pass so close to one another that they will become one. Is this symbolic of the marriage between the male and female aspects within us? Is this the time we become one? This aspect will still be seen at the time of the new moon in May, which is May 12. This is also Mother’s day, which activates a lot of feminine energy.

At the time of the Mars/Venus conjunction, both planets will be in exact opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius, which is stationary on the degree of a black hole. A black hole is considered an energy gateway in Time and Space. You can pass through this doorway to a new life and creation. In other words, this is the time to change your life for the better. It’s the time to enter the doorway of a new dimension. This opportunity will be available for the whole month of May. Then the doorway will close, to reopen again in November of 2002.

The negative manifestation of 17 degrees Sagittarius is fires, heat, flame, homicidal tendencies, and bad morals. It’s interesting that we are hearing about sex scandals in the Catholic Church. The sign of Sagittarius rules churches, and Pluto rules sex. When Pluto reached 17 degrees Sagittarius, the scandal came to a head. Pluto is also the planet of transformation, so watch the changes that occur in churches. Banks are also ruled by Sagittarius. Look at the Enron scandal. There will also be a change in our money. The Europeans have already changed their system, which is now backed by gold.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and rules mountains, volcanoes, drought, foreign countries, clergymen, schools and colleges, commerce, courts of law, lawyers, travel, military service, horses, transportation accidents, and the Vatican. All of these areas are, or will be, going through a transformation of some kind. There will continue to be many transportation accidents as long as Saturn is in Gemini. It stays there until June of 2003.

May is a critical month because of the Mars/Saturn conjunction opposing Pluto and the node. There will be many deaths caused by various events during this time period. The Middle East (especially Israel) will feel the full brunt of this energy. Much karma has built up in that area because of all the fighting that has gone on for eons of time. Negative energy is being pulled out of that area and it manifests as war. Dark beings have used the vortex in that area to come and go in their ships for a long time. Whoever controls that vortex controls the world. Don’t be surprised at whatever manifests in the Middle East countries.

Because of the high energy that is now on Earth, all negativity is coming to the surface to be looked at and transformed. This is happening to both us, and Mother Earth. Have you gone through any kind of cleansing in the past month? Have any old diseases or body hurts reappeared that you thought you had healed long ago? Don’t take it too seriously – just bless it and move through the energy.

The month of June will also be critical because of the solar eclipse on June 10, at 20 degrees Gemini. This is the degree of the United States Mars, and our presidents node and Uranus. This is a military degree and military action could be activated by George Bush, or something could happen to our president because this is a very critical aspect. A solar eclipse stays in effect for at least a year. The darkness from this eclipse will be felt from the Islands above Australia to Mexico.

There are other things going on in our universe. Did you know that all of the crystals on Earth are being reprogrammed? Crystals are ruled by the sign of Gemini, and the planet Mercury. This planet rules communication, and we use crystals to communicate with different frequencies. Crystals also store knowledge from the past and the future. There is a huge crystal in the center of our Earth. Some of you may have seen this crystal. It stores all knowledge of this solar system. When we activated the crystal grid on April 13, we also activated this crystal. Our sunset, on April 14, was a beautiful golden color. This was a sign to let us know, here in Seattle, that the golden frequency did indeed infuse this area. Did anyone else in other parts of the world see a beautiful golden sunset? If so, please let me know.

There were, and will be, a total of four activations of this grid. The first was April 13, the second one happened on April 24, when Venus was on 28 degrees Taurus, and the third was April 28. On that day Mercury was on 28 degrees Taurus in an exact square to Uranus on 28 Aquarius, and the moon was 28 Scorpio. This brought in more golden light from Alcyone to activate all of our crystals. This was a major event, and corresponded with the Wesak festival which was extended through April 28 because of the grid activation. Because of this activation, the full moon of April was considered the crystal or Christ moon.

On May 19 we will receive the final activation from Alcyone. This is when our Sun reaches 29 Taurus, which is right over the Pacific Northwest, so be ready for this event by cleansing all of your crystals. Remember, we are changing from a carbon based entity to a crystal one. Now that our crystals are glowing with the golden light, we should also be glowing. Isn’t that exciting?

I read a very interesting book lately. It is called ‘Change you brain, Change your life’ by DR Daniel Amen. He talks about healing the hardware of your brain. The brain is like a computer. Whatever you program into your brain goes into your storage area. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, it is still there and you respond to those thoughts. Your thoughts are considered your soft ware. Your hardware is your physical brain. If your hardware gets damaged you will have many challenges. It can be damaged by accidents, head injuries, or toxins. You can also inherit brain disorders. Do you know anyone who changed from a very nice person to one with behavior problems after an accident? Chances are they damaged their brain.

DR Amen says that behavior problems are a manifestation of a malfunctioning brain. The brain has different parts to it. The Limbic system is the part that rules emotions. If you often become emotionally out of control, depressed, or very moody, chances are you have achallenge with that part of your brain.

If you have a hard time understanding language, retrieving words from your brain, dyslexia, or feelings of spaciness, you probably have problems with your left brain. The left brain is masculine, electrical, and logical. The right brain is feminine, magnetic, and creative. If you have anxiety attacks, or Parkinson’s disease, you probably have a problemwith your Basil Ganglia.

If you are one of those people who worry all of the time you probably have a challenge with your Cingulate System. This part of the brain rules worry, obsessions, and chronic pain. It also has a tendency to keep you stuck on thoughts that keep running through your mind and don’t seem to go away. You may become very argumentative and uncooperative. It also rules addictive behavior like alcohol, drug abuse, smoking and eating disorders. Are you disorganized and can’t keep your house clean? Do you challenge people or have anger outbursts at them? You may have ADD. Cingulate problems, in conjunction with prefrontal cortex (ADD) problems, can cause addictions or potentially violent situations. If you would like more information on your brain and how it works – read this interesting book. DR Amen gives suggestions on how to heal the different parts of your brain.

Magnesium also helps heal the brain. Your hormones need magnesium to help nourish tiny substances within your brain cells known as mitochondria. Magnesium nourished hormones work to activate enzymes to help oxidate glucose and produce thought and intelligence. Magnesium is used by the hormones to work with enzymes to produce youthful brain response. Magnesium empowers the hormones to mediate the movement of muscles, the process of breathing, the storage of energy, the digestion of food, the building of tissues, and the transmission of nerve impulses. This mineral can be very helpful to the brain. When solar flares hit the Earth’s magnetic field they affect our brain-especially the right side of the brain. Most people are left brain dominant. The Sun is transforming us into right brain gentle creative beings. Because we have been in a maximum solar cycle our brains have been strongly affected. We are in high speed transformation. The goal is to balance our brains.

We have liquid crystal in our brain cells, and our body cells. It’s time to accept the Golden Frequency into our cells. Unfortunately, not all of the people on Earth vibrate to the golden frequency, and that is why there will be many challenges in the year to come on planet Earth. When a high frequency comes in, and you are not capable of vibrating to that frequency, it causes chaos. This is what is happening on our planet as all of the negativity that has been rampant for so many years surfaces to be looked at and transformed.

Remember to reach for the world of light that is overshadowing the world of darkness. Dance, sing, chant, or meditate, and continue to activate the golden light of the Christ. Blessings to you! Mahala I can be reached at

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