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Kamala Harris and the Pallas Archetype

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As I enter into writing this blog today, I am aware of a great sense of lightness, relief and joy that has immersed me since the USA elections. A fair few of my British friends have said how they never have felt so invested in the outcome of an election in another country before.

Today I felt inspired to have a look at the incoming US Vice President Kamala Harris’s birth chart and especially in relation to Pallas Athena, but actually she has some very interesting other Goddess activity going on too, so read on.

If you have been following the dramatic Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction this year in Capricorn, you will know that astrologer’s worldwide predicted the crumbling of global institutions, but I don’t think any of us realized the scope this would take with the Corona Virus Pandemic. In there with these ‘big boy’ planets has been Pallas Athena as the emerging archetype likely to occupy the highest frequency within humanity in co-creation with the Divine forces of Justice and Grace.

In this past week Pallas has come into exact conjunction, first with Saturn and then Jupiter at 22 Capricorn before launching herself to the front of the pack. Kamala Harris as Vice-president is a clear and undeniable manifestation of this new energy right there in what we might consider our modern-day Mount Olympus – the White House. 22 is a number associated with the Feminine Christ Consciousness and Grace so it feels like a very positive energy breaking through. It actually happened in Gene Key 43 and the i Ching Hexagram for that key is ‘Breakthrough’. I had the feeling of us being birthed out of a very tight and tense bottleneck as a species.

One of the predictions I made a few years ago, being an Astrologer mainly focused on the first 6 Goddess Asteroids discovered, is that they would manifest themselves through the increasing status of women but especially women of color in the world.

Kamala Harris is remarkable and must be a woman of great inner strength and independence to have made it so far in politics and smashed through the glass ceiling especially for women of color. For those readers who may not know, her Mother was from India and her Father Jamaica so she brings some interesting ancestral lineages and her presence alone will be a welcome boost to the Black Lives Matters movement. The fact Joe Biden chose her as his Vice shows his commitment to this important cause – because without full equality in the world we cannot grow and blossom into our true potential as human beings. Systemic racism is hard to break because the current structures of the world actually depend on inequality in some form, so we can’t just leave it up to a few good people at the top. If we want to evolve questioning some of our most ingrained way of thinking must be challenged. This is really the essence of the Aquarian impulse towards equality.

Kamala has her Pallas Athena in the fiery and intelligent sign of Sagittarius and conjunct the Galactic Attractor and Juno. This is a woman with a vision expressing in fact very simple ideas, but ones sorely needed to heal our world. At the mythical level Pallas Athena didn’t marry and preferred to stand alone. Also, in her shadow aspect she is the feminine counterpart who chooses to prop up the patriarchy and dishonor the feminine within herself and others. Metis is the invisible Mother of Pallas Athena, but Zeus feared the prophecy that Pallas would destroy him and swallowed her whole. Metis created a lot of loud noise and so eventually Pallas popped out of Zeus head because he couldn’t bear the white noise.

So how much will Kamala support the old structures of inequality or how far will she push for a liberation agenda for women and people of color? In terms of the mythology its very pleasing that she thanks her own Mother, now past, for her success thus showing her honoring of her own Mother. This immediately launches Pallas into her higher frequency bandwidth. In my research on Kamala I believe she only got married in 2014, so it seems she waited to find the right man who hopefully respects and loves her for who she is as such a power house of a woman. With Juno conjunct Pallas it brings the Sacred Lover or Wife and the Warrior Woman of independence together into wholeness which is also very positive.

Pallas is in a challenging T-square to Chiron in Pisces and also Uranus, Pluto and Venus in Virgo. The Pluto Uranus conjunction in the 1960’s when Kamala was born triggered many revolutionary movements for liberation, and the increased dynamic towards women’s rights as well. It was a time when a new seed of freedom was planted. As Kamala has Venus conjunct Pluto and Uranus we can expect in her personal and work life she has had to meet the challenge of oppression and dominance head on. There is a strong revolutionary current running through her directly connected with her Venus energy.

The presence of Chiron suggests her path has been one of healing her own ancestral wounds. Chiron falls in the 10th house of career opposing Pluto, Uranus Venus in the fourth house of family, so we can tell from this that she has had internal challenges to overcome to get where she is. This I feel is very positive because it gives her potentially compassion for others who are facing struggle. In an article I read about Joe Biden I heard he lost his wife and child, and so he is someone known for his empathy. Together with Chiron in the 10th house she may well be instrumental in a greater healing of the USA and its fragmented identity. Could this identity move from militaristic nationalism to being global leaders of a new era of peace and transformation for humanity? I pray it will be so.

What is also intriguing is that Kamala has Vesta, Saturn and Astraea conjunct her mid-heaven the path of career. This is an excellent placement for Saturn in a civic position of power in the sign of Aquarius. As Saturn is due to enter Aquarius again very soon this will enhance her capacity to build new forms, with the support of others, and to govern with equality at heart. It also gives her that much needed quality in politics of perseverance. The presence of Vesta and Astraea are very special because it suggests she is also bringing energies that will mark the beginning of the Golden Age when we look back at history and particular events. I think this election will be seen as a major turning point towards the light.

Vesta brings strong qualities of sovereignty and of following your inner authority which is perhaps the most crucial quality we need as humanity to step out of being manipulated by those in authority. Astraea brings in a quality of culture, beauty and refinement. I doubt we will see Kamala mouthing off in Congress – this is a woman who will use words in an artful and sophisticated way.

What is most delightful about Kamala’s chart is that she has no less than 6 sextiles which are positive aspects. I’ve never seen a chart with so many in my 25 years of practicing astrology. If you want to support Kamala every time you think of her vision a glowing 6 pointed star made of all these sextiles… its quite stunning and will be powerfully echoed this Winter Solstice and Christmas by what is going on in the heavens. Looking deeper I see she has three Grand Trines which are the most positive aspects you can have in a chart. It shows somebody with a superabundance of blessings and gifts and let’s pray in her new role more of them will blossom. For those who love detail the trines are:

Fire: Moon in Aries to South Node in Sagittarius (Galactic Centre) to Mars in Leo

Air: Saturn/Astraea/MC in Aquarius, Sun in Libra, North Node in Gemini

Water: Chiron in Pisces, Hygeia in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio

Kamala was born under a Full Moon in Aries and also her North Node, path of destiny is conjunct her Ascendant in Gemini so she is somebody whose destiny has been strongly calling. She was born on the 20th October 1964 at 21.28 in Oakland, California.

Although I am so happy about her presence soon to be in the White House, I feel also to say that in the Age of Aquarius this big transformation of society is about all of us and the more we continue to transmute our individual shadows the more breakthrough’s in issues like systemic racism and sexism can be addressed at the level that brings real change for people on the ground.

Keep a look out for my next blogs about the super important Total Solar Eclipse on the 14th December and the Star of Bethlehem over Winter Solstice and the deeper meaning of that.

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Kamala Harris and the Pallas Archetype — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for your post!… NOW (after the inauguration!), is the time to breathe possibilities, focusing on the real work ahead, bridging divides, bringing unity in this country (“United” States of America) “and” the world! \ Criticism and ego division, focusing on injustices and what is “right”, “won’t” bring healing! Educating in what it means to work collaboratively towards what will truly work for “all”, will!…\ Also, it would be nice in the future, if you would start including astroids that include gods, who work “with” others toward healing and unifying divides! Partnership means, even though we might not agree, our focus needs to be on what will work for “us”… As long as anger and indignation concerning injustices prevails, there is no opening and/or room for healing possibilities to enter, thus working towards what is truly good for “all”… \ In the remake 1984 movie, “The Razor’s Edge”, the Lama states to the newly enlightened veteran who sought in-sight, “The road to enlightenment is a narrow one, it’s like walking on the razor’s edge.” … Balance is the key towards unification! \ Be healed, knowing that which is your true “You”, is, has, and will always Be Present… Opening to this Being (your true You), will always offer peace and inspiration!… Namaste…

  2. Oh my, Alison your post sure stirred a couple up.

    Quite well done, as is your intro about why doing it.

    For me this has nothing to do with politics or how things are done in the US. It has to do with change that is in process…chaos of a cycle change…call it what you like, AND energy. Quite an intriguing chart, reading.

    Thank you Alison

  3. Mary the quite contrary, how barren is your garden!? Criticism without an alternative correction is based on projection~! Moving on…\ Alison’s post (well intended!) is based under the presumption(s) of her “beyond the pond” understanding of American politics and policies… In her defense, most folks (no matter what country they are born into, or live), usually only have a limited understanding of others and even their own country’s “guber-ment” (<misspelling of “government”, intentionally made! Not to insult her, but the premise that “any” government has provided the populous for which it rules, any real information in how it operates~!… If I’ve learned anything through the decades, the powers that be, prefer naiveté, because the less someone is aware of how something works, the easier it is to manipulate them into submission, utilizing whatever scheme(s) specifically to gain at an innocent's expense… This is how predators operate~! If you venture deep enough into “any” government’s policies and procedures, they “all” have exploitative intentions!)! \ Alison’s intent of her post, was based on her assumption of our electoral process that this is/was a good time, to treat readers with an interpretive healing balm of possibilities of what is yet to come, based on the first incoming female elected vice-president of multiple nationalities horoscope… Hopeful, interesting and pleasant to consider, but as most of us in this process know, yet to be implemented, or revealed… \ Since the current American “lead-error” is a predator, who may or may not need to be forcibly escorted out of the White House, come Jan. 20, 2021… What would be a far more interesting interpretative rendition of current and possible near future chaos, or peaceful transfer of power, would be; his, America’s and the world’s transits… Will he leave peacefully? Will he create even more havoc (both here and abroad), thus creation of other laws being enacted, keeping him where he is~!? \ Since he ignored the seriousness of this pandemic, becoming a super spreader through both misinformation and personal appearances (while infected~!), will he be indicted for being patient zero, infecting the naive populous who believed his manic pronouncements, creating yet a third super spreader event, we all now have to deal with~!? \ What needs to happen… Policies and procedures need to be altered and redefined in order for “all” agencies of government to work towards what is truly good for all (not the select few)! No more; biases, racism, sexism, or whatever else that divides folks from treating one another humanly! How do I personally feel about government, “Left wing, right wing, still the same bird!”… Both sides have bad and good aspects about them… The question becomes, will they truly start working together for what is truly good for all? Or will this chaos continue as it has for generations?! The shift that has to be implemented (regardless of who is given power), is that we all become our own leaders, being an example for and with one another, of how to truly work together for what is truly “good for all”… Just as followers learn from leaders, leaders also learn from followers! “Be the example you want to see in the world!”… Namaste…

  4. For some 1 from the UK, you should be ashamed of yourself for not KNOWING HOW TO PUNCTUATE!!! GO BK. TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, idiot!!!

  5. Sad state of affairs when a commenter can’t read someone’s perspective without injecting theirs and suggests they know what’s good for all.

  6. Before jumping for joy about the American election… Look up “the electoral college”… Until these “cherry picked” folks vote in Jan. 2021, thus deciding “for the people” who will actually become president, the game is still in play~! \ Also, the current president has every right by current and past legal directives, to seek whatever avenues to make certain the results of the election are “true” (<In law, "there is no "right or wrong" only who has the best argument"… “Everything” is "relative" to interpretation~!)… \ While you are researching, add narcissists and sociopaths to your search… If they can't "win" (<image Charlie Sheen in manic faze~!), they tend to destroy others "with" them~! \ What will bring full and true healing… Is when folks stop looking outside of themselves for others to lead and help them, and instead focus their attention inward, blending with the Grace we all were born with becoming our own leader(s), working towards what is truly "good for all"!… Great quote, "Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology, we are playing a necessary role in the elites game and it holds this system in place. Opting our consciousness out is the key." – Unknown… Namaste…

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