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News Flash September 2018

Fall is here. One day it was summer and the next day it was fall.  It was amazing how fast the weather changed from summer to fall here in Seattle. In a few days we will experience the Fall Equinox which is on September 22, 2018 at 6:54 PM PDT.  Two days later it will be the Full Moon on September 24, 2018 at 7:52 PM PDT.  This full moon will be the beginning of the Harvest Festival in the Jewish tradition. Then in October there are holiday festivals all over the world. It’s time to enjoy the festivals and have fun.


Full Moon

The Fall Equinox has a very interesting chart. It favors healing on all levels. The healing planet Chiron is on the ascendant on 0 degrees Aries and is in direct opposition to the Sun and Mercury on 1 degree Libra. Actually, there is a T cross in the heavens with the great fire goddess Vesta on the top of the chart on 1 degree Capricorn. That sign rules governments so maybe this will be the beginning of some healing energy for our government. This healing energy will be very powerful until the Winter Solstice. Chiron will be in Aries for nine years so there is still time for more healing.  Aries rules the head and it is the sign of new beginnings.

The fire goddess Vesta will be conjunct Saturn, which is on 2 degrees Capricorn, in the Fall Equinox chart.   This will give a lot of power to that degree. The meaning of that degree refers to the disruptive consequences of negativity. The leaders who claim power over the people to lead them must reckon with the consequences of their too-impulsive use of power.  Saturn is/was the karmic planet and whoever uses their power in a negative way will be called on to pay their debt.  This energy is occurring right now with the leaders of the USA.

We have had a divided country for a long time and we have reached the point where, United we stand, divided we fall. We are not the only country that has been going through a crisis. The energy of chaos has been all over the world. People who have not been able to handle this energy have gone off the deep end and some have become very violent. This will start to change as soon as people start to realize that we have been living in a very interesting computer game. We have been stuck in the Matrix and that energy has now been pierced. We are now free if we just claim that freedom. The most important thing we can do right now is to use our higher mind to create peace within us.

Look at how we changed the wind level of Hurricane Florence.  It had very strong winds as it started to come close to land and then the wind-speed changed. The wind-speed went down to a category 1 storm.  There is still extreme damage from the rain and flooding that is still happening, but it would have been even more disastrous if we had not calmed the wind. Many people sent energy to calm it down.  We are very powerful Beings of light and when we put our minds to something we can accomplish whatever we focus on. It is time to create the life we choose to experience; just remember to create what you want to experience from the energy of love.

The Uranus/Mars square has been very disruptive. That energy was over the area of the Philippines and an extremely large Typhoon blew into that country and caused much damage.  Today that storm went into South China and is causing much damage to that country. This explosive energy was felt all over the world and several houses exploded here in the USA and caught fire by a gas leak in Massachusetts.

I love the fall energy with the cool clear days and the beautiful colored leaves. They make me feel like being out in nature and enjoying this beautiful energy. It is a nice time to take long walks in nature. This upcoming full moon on September 24, 2018 will be very intense so please stay centered. Help calm the emotional storm.

At this full moon Uranus will be on the ascendant for us living here on the West Coast. Uranus will be on one degree Taurus. Because Uranus is still making a square aspect to Mars and a trine to Saturn there could be some kind of event on the coast or off our coast.  Uranus rules storms. Maybe we will have a large storm here or an off-shore earthquake.  Uranus rules storms and unexpected events so whatever happens will be unexpected.  Uranus also rules UFOs. There have been many sightings of UFOs lately. The light ships are here in mass to help us if they are needed. Sometimes they hold the energy to protect an area from a disaster.

Because Uranus is active there will probably be more storms, quakes or volcanic eruptions in the Ring of Fire, especially in the areas of Japan, Korea, the Philippines, or the Islands just above Australia. The Earth is now in the time of major Earth changes. The Ring of Fire has been very active for several months and this will continue as long as Saturn stays in Capricorn (two more years) and Uranus in Taurus.  Both Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs. Saturn will be affecting China in a big way for the next two years. It will also be affecting the East Coast because that is the opposite side of that energy.

The sun will be on two degrees Libra at the time of this full moon. This degree means the transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed of a new creation. This leads to a repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative consciousness. Now we will be able to access higher consciousness and the beginning of a new creation.  How great is that?

The planets are very intense right now because of the configurations they are in and the activity on the sun. Holes have opened up on the Sun and there are breaks in the Earth’s magnetic field. This will continue until the Full Moon of September so keep your cool and stay balanced as we continue through this intense time period. I think we will reach some kind of inner break-through by this upcoming full moon.

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I would like to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings. I enjoyed them and I had a wonderful birthday. I would also like to thank everyone who has joined our Astrology community. Dave has been working really hard posting charts and reports for each community member. If you would like to learn more about yourself and see what types of influences are coming your way, please look into purchasing a One Year Subscription to the Community. I’m still offering Edgar Cayce Past Life reports and we are just now offering Lunar Return Reports. Please visit the for more details. I think the charts are great and there is so much more to come.

I send lots of love and light to all of you. Hang in there because we are at the turning point right now for a better tomorrow. Of course, we need to create our own reality although maybe we will have some Divine Intervention to help us through this change.

 **** Mahala Gayle ****


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