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Happy Birthday Mahala

How many candles on that birthday treat?

This is a very public Happy Birthday To You!

Thanks for always being there.


… and Pat, great picture. Thanks for sharing!


Happy Birthday Mahala — 15 Comments

  1. Happy birthday sister Virgo Mahala (I’m the 19th). Have a beautiful year and thank you for you kindness and much appreciated work. Love and fun…

  2. A blessed and enLightening solar return, my fellow Virgo!
    Have a healthy and joyful personal new year.
    Is turquoise your “basic black” also? :<))))))
    Love and peace from your PA 9/19 friend

  3. Happy Birthday Mahala Gayle! I hope you had a lovely day and were absolutely treasured and spoiled by your loved ones and friends! Thanks for being there for us and guiding us with your wisdom. You are my favourite astrologer by far! Lots of love from the Canadian Prairies!

  4. Happy happy HAPPY birthday, dear Mahala! (love your hat 🙂 Muchas gracias for all your devoted giving over the years. Sending big love back to you.

  5. Beautiful Mahala!
    Keep shining. The bright star that you are encapsulated and radiating through your particular physical body in all its special ways is a gift beyond measure to all. Birthdays are so special. Thank you for the unique soul you bring to all. May laughter and all in your highest be yours now and for all time and beyond.
    Unlimited blessings,

  6. Happy Birthday Mahala, hope you have a wonderful blissful new year and many more. You are an awesome soul and I am ever grateful to be connected with you and dave. Wish you happiness & peace all year through.

  7. Happy Birthday Mahala. I have been listening to you for many years and I’m amazed at the knowledge you have.

    Happy Birthday

  8. Happy Birthday Mahala !

    Wishing you many blessings!
    From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Regards, Martin

  9. Happiest of Birthdays to you Mahala! Thank you for all you share with us. Blessings of years to come!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHALA. . . and many more!

    You look so happy on your day. Keep that beautiful smile going!

    Thanks so much for you do for all of us!

    Peace and much joy. . .

  11. Happy Birthday Dear Mahala!!! Wishing you all of the best in your life and a long and healthy life. Much Blessings, Love and Light 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Precious Mahala!!! May you have a wondrous; day, evening, weekend and new year too!!! Blessings for all that you do, sharing your wisdom, so all may have an alternative view to consider, moving forward awakened and in a positive way for everyone! Namaste…

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