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Solar Eclipse Goddess forecast

Guest Article by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

As we approach the first of a summer of awesome Solar Eclipses on the 13th July I am receiving a powerful transmission about the power of sharing food to change the world. These mysteries are very familiar to us through the story of Jesus turning the Fishes and Loaves into a feast for 5000. In a vision I saw this as a golden spiral fractal of the energy of abundance which we can all access once we break free from our survival fears. Today I planned to make a Pomegranate Jewel cake for an event my partner is attending, so it seems fitting that this profound realisation should have arrived this morning.

As human beings we live by a mythical story, and I have been reminded of this a number of times in different ways the past month. The Universe has a way of sending information to highlight a theme. The theme is that we have collectively bought into a very dangerous and futile myth called ‘consumerism’.

In this myth we measure ourselves by how much we have. Our happiness is always based sometime in the future when we will have learnt and acquired all we feel we need and we set ourselves up to feel perpetually disappointed in ourselves, others and life.

In this myth we have to fight over finite resources in our families, communities and globally. If you imagine that the world’s wealth is owned by a very small minority of people, they have basically thrown some crumbs off the table for the rest of us and encourage us to fight at every opportunity. The same is true of the Western World and the ‘Third World’. The profound fear people feel of refugees and migrants is because they are deeply enmeshed in this frightening story of survival.

This eclipse offers us an opportunity to strip back the illusion, to see that there is a much deeper mystery that we can access, and it has been there all along. In Celtic faery stories the hero or heroine often is challenged to share their last piece of bread with the Crone, and in doing so they break the illusion and overcome the challenge.

This is perfectly represented in a Grand Earth Trine at the first eclipse at New Moon in Cancer. Ceres is conjunct Venus in the beautiful sign of the Earth Goddess Virgo. In Britain this year it has been an incredible summer of green abundance and this is the essence of this energy connecting straight to the heart chakra. The message is to trust deeply in our bones that Mother Earth can feed all of her children effortlessly. When enough of us have the feeling, reality will follow.

The next part of the trine takes us to Uranus conjunct Juno in Taurus the fixed Earth sign. Juno is the mid wife of the soul into the body (represented by the Seal of Solomon) and for some it may be time for an Epiphany. The prevailing fear of survival which the media loves to espouse is one of the key ways we continue to live half a life. We are afraid to die, but we are equally afraid to live. When our soul is securely pegged into our body we are a fountain of creativity, love and natural abundance. At the same time, we are happy to live a simple life with a lot less stuff and an open heart. We may also see some sudden breakthroughs or challenges in relationships at this time.

Uranus and Juno are also in a challenging square to Mars and the South Node in Aquarius sparking the non-conformist within us to speak out. If we want to rebel, lets rebel against consumerism and live a simpler life. Let’s rebel against our life force being numbed out by passing fashion, TV, drugs and alcohol. When we anchor our life in our heart, working on being kind and non-reactive to others we are on a true path to happiness. A T-square is formed then with the North Node and Pallas Athena who has just entered Leo. In Leo the Warrior Woman knows her power and creativity. Her confidence is supreme. If you have been stepped all over for a while you may find you now have the strong urge to do something about it.

The third part of the Earth trine leads to Saturn the Crone in Capricorn, breaking down the old systems and working her alchemy turning lead to gold. To live a golden life means to have transcended the need to acquire more to feel better. This disentangling from the Consumer myth is going to take time because in the Western mindset it’s what we grew up with and have accepted as truth.

Saturn and Pluto will be moving closer and closer together and in early 2019 will come into conjunction. This is going to trigger a breakdown of more and more systems and expose abuses of power. This eclipse is an opportunity to move away from worrying too much about the collapse of these systems and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Focus on what you want your new mythical story to be and use the energies of Saturn in Capricorn to build it step by step. The highest mythical story is ‘Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself’. As Pluto is directly opposite this eclipse it’s going to be a big shadow revealer! Love has no fear nor vengeance.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in exact conjunction with Astraea and Hygeia who are the Guardians of the Holy Grail energies. If we keep bringing ourselves back to ‘the Grail Cup Serves All’ then we can heal these deep fractures in humanity. This energy has been activated very powerfully for me in the simple act of preparing for a Middle Eastern Feast to meet and raise money for Syrian people living in our community here in Britain. The making of the Pomegranate cake has been interesting because it is very expensive to make but when I started to falter towards a Victorian Sponge my intuition shouted ‘no’. The Pomegranate Cake is symbolic of the Earth’s inherent abundance. The final outcome was totally delicious!

I find it fascinating that the deeper mysteries taught by Jesus are what is now coming through the Goddess Asteroids. This is really the greatest gifts that the Goddess Asteroids and Centaur bodies offer us, ways of working with our deepest emotional responses and honoring fully being human.

I offer one to one astrology readings which one of my clients Jeanne Kelly recently described as a “5th Dimensional Transmission”. The Goddess Asteroids which I specialize in provide a further deep layer of soul nurturing material alongside the planets. Please email me at for further details.

“Thanks so much for your insight, validation, warmth & education! Your gift is phenomenal!” Jeanne Kelly BS,RN, Clairvoyant& Medium

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