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The Astrology of the EU Referendum

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

As a tsunami wave of emotion has hit the UK over the Out vote in the EU referendum there is a tremendous amount of energy being released that has the potential to be channeled into new democratic structures. In my last blog for this New Moon cycle I wrote about the rise of Pallas Athena who embodies the deep desire for ‘sovereignty’ and oh boy has Britannia risen up against the interference of the Brussels bureaucrats in a way that has left the country reeling. On the day of the EU referendum Pallas Athena was conjunct the south node (the past), Neptune and Chiron. This is very interesting as many older people voted ‘Out’ and what was being expressed was a desire for Britain to return to its sovereign status, return to the way they remembered it. A lot of suppressed anger over many years at being politically disenfranchised was also expressed which explains to why many Labor areas also voted ‘Out’.

Whilst there is a racist element in the population it feels important to acknowledge that this deep desire for ‘sovereignty’ on both a personal and collective level is a positive thing and something which can be harnessed for the good of all. There is an old story about King Arthur being given one year to find out ‘what women want’ otherwise he would lose his life. The answer in the end comes from a hag he meets in the deep forest representing the Dark Goddess and in psychological terms the repressed subconscious. This old woman is one and the same with the ‘sovereignty’ of the land. The answer is simple but powerful – what women and the land want is ‘to be able to decide for themselves’. The Pallas Athena stellium was also in a challenging square to Saturn in Sagittarius and Vesta and Mercury in Gemini and also opposing Jupiter. When Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter meet in a square/opposition the energy is very difficult because Saturn is restricting vision and aspiration in Sag and asking for a reality check, Neptune is dissolving into oceanic consciousness and Jupiter is wanting limitless expansion. Vesta (Priestess) and Mercury in Gemini the sign of communication is interesting too as I think this represents a great challenge for those of us on a spiritual path whose instincts are towards unity with Europe. Ultimately we are the new leaders, or at least the forerunners of the new leaders to step into our power, refuse to polarise and keep our hearts open and use the many skills we have learnt over life times to stabilize the planet energetically in these times of great transformation.

This week whilst processing very deep emotions myself about the referendum I uncovered a lost piece of history about a Welsh Warrior Princess called Gwenllian. There is a link to that blog at the bottom of the page but actually it got me thinking a lot about the issue of ‘sovereignty’. Wales historically has had very difficult time being ‘sovereign’. Once a peaceful and highly advanced civilization they were invaded first by the Romans and then the Normans in a brutal fashion. Those in power seem to have an uncanny knack of getting people to turn against each other – divide and rule and Gwenllian’s story is a sad one with the betrayal of her Father to his country and family getting lured by sex, power and alcohol by the Norman King Henry I. It’s a true story where the evidence that ‘desire’ is the undoing of many a good person and leads to very real tragedy. It feels very much that what the higher intelligence of the happenings of the past week are that we need to recognize our need as individuals, communities and nations for sovereignty but lets not give the power we have away to politicians or let the most fearful section of society who openly express racism take the lead here. Whilst sovereignty is important, beneath this and for it not to become fuel for war, we also need to recognize that nothing is ‘ours’. The Earth supports us, supports all life and all human beings of every creed and color, gender and sexuality and are equally loved children in her eyes and in the eyes of Great Spirit.

The Uranus Pluto square has heralded the breakdown of the structures of the old order and the decision of Britain to leave the EU will certainly accelerate this process greatly. Now more than ever we must ceremony, use all the healing techniques we have in our collective Medicine Bag to bring soothing, loving energies to the fractured heart of Britain and Europe and hold the vision of a future where people can be both sovereign and yet inter connected on a much deeper level. We are in that strange void right now of endings and beginnings which is the most powerful time to do energetic work and influence the outcome.

Last night as I went to sleep listening to my Buddhist music mantras I sent the positive energy of the words out into world and had the thought……what if thousands more were doing the very same thing. We have the power to create the future together.

Many of us are now living in the Fifth Dimension where the idea we have to fight over limited resources seems a million miles away but we need to recognize that for many people the fear survival buttons are still easily pressed. This is essentially why the fear of refugees really connects with people because culturally we have been brainwashed to believe we have to fight over the crumbs of the pie. The question is how do we bring people across the rainbow bridge with us? Many of us have incarnated lifetimes to prepare karmically for this one where the potential for transformation of human consciousness is greatest. Now is the time to enter the matrix.

Gwenllian The Welsh Warrior Princess


The Astrology of the EU Referendum — 3 Comments

  1. In the wake of the UK referendum, it is important not to be drawn in by the illusion of fear that is and will be used by those who would orchestrate global control. One must remember that when the people of the UK acted from their hearts, the unified field was activated to “Rule” in their favor. In view of this, the probability of unfavorable out comes as described by those who use fear as a means to get what they want will discover the “Force” they use to control others is as hollow as their belief systems. For those that would be interested, take a look at this web site. PAO (Planetary Activation Organization) has been following this for years and corresponds with the direction of M.A..

  2. Thank you for this, dear Alison and (by way of) Mahala Gayle. I am Welsh on my father’s side, and I so relate to the richness of the UK. I’m sorry to see all this upset, but I know it’s necessary to break it before it can be healed. I am part of the Athena oversoul complex, so I totally understand the Pallas aspect here. I agree with Susan, that we are on hold to see how this shift will play out. We are all on our own, holding the energy for the rest of humanity to decide to come or stay. It’s a daunting task which makes us weary, as we’ve done this SO MANY lifetimes. I am holding love in my heart for all to grab onto, but in the end, there is no more waiting. You have to jump into the river and not cling to the side. Flow along and whoever shows up with you in the water is now your family. Blessings to all. xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I too, have been torn…I love UK Scotland…and consider it my Soul Home..I’ve made wonderful friends -Avalon Priestesses…in my past travels there. I’ve been doing a lot of Soul Work since Summer you know…quite the Chart! Plus a Major Opening for Humanity. My own Channels state..we are on a Hold of sorts …ready to go but waiting for Humanity to make its decisions presently. My Guidance said its like hearing the clink clink of a roller-coaster car going up..well we are now collectively at the apex..The real ride is commencing now..I was also reminded we are in the world but not if the world…soon our gifts will be needed and accepted as never before…I love having Mahala’s connections as they always reflect my own…as my UK friend always love love.

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