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Planet Alert March 2016

Today is the first day of March and it is coming in like a lion, the winds are really blowing here in Seattle. In fact my electricity almost went out a minute ago. It also seems like we are moving at warp speed these days. I am having a hard time keeping up with my life, how about you? Does it seem like you no sooner wake up, and then it is time for bed. The week’s also speed by so fast that it is hard to keep up with everything.

There will be four very important events this month. First of all we will have the total solar eclipse on March 8 or 9, depending on where you live. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is at 6:54 PM PST on March 8th. The darkness from this eclipse will be felt over Sumatra and the surrounding areas of the South Pacific Ocean. At the time of this eclipse the planet Jupiter will be opposing the sun and moon and this is an indication of a large earthquake (there was a 7.8 quake March 2 in Sumatra) a few days before the eclipse.) I looked at my ephemeris and it said that the sun was opposing Jupiter and Uranus today by declination. This aspect will last for several days so there may also be quakes in other parts of the world because of this strong aspect.

The sun and moon will be conjunct the dwarf planet Chiron at the time of this eclipse. Chiron is considered the wounded healer so there will be a lot of healing going on this year. Chiron was on top of my Saturn for the better part of this past year and I have been going through a lot of emotional healing for the past few months. Mars in Scorpio has also been a help in bringing up the stuck emotions I needed to release. What a feeling of freedom this has brought to me. In the heavens Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius and that sign rules freedom.

A lot of people are going through the healing of their emotions at this time. The sun and moon are in the sign of Pisces right now and this is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Because of the high frequency energy that is coming to Earth there are a lot of people who cannot handle this energy and are losing it. They become very emotional and depressed. Hopefully this will change before too long, although it might not stop until we totally feel the splitting of the two densities. It’s time to manifest the energy of the higher density Earth where love rules and we live in Unity Consciousness.

Neptune is in the sign of Pisces right now, and it is the planet that rules Pisces. Is anyone having feet problems? Neptune is on the degree of Man’s ability to develop powers and skills by transcending natural limitations that will allow him to operate in the mental-spiritual realms. Neptune also rules water and the oceans. The energy in water has really been stirred up lately and this causes people’s emotions to be stirred up. Or maybe the water is stirred up because people are stirred up. Thought and emotions create events.

In the eclipse chart Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a big change from Mars in Scorpio. In Scorpio Mars allowed us to once again look at the blocks or obstacles in our life and to release them. Mars is now in the fire sign of action. Sagittarius rules the banking system and the desire for freedom. This is the time period where we will see lots of changes in the banking system. We are about to witness a whole new financial system and this system will eliminate poverty. Check out these links. Basic Income for Ontarios Province, G20 Finance Ministers Meeting.

The negative aspects of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius are: feeling angry, lots of ambition for power, police or military action, and challenges with foreign countries. This year adds up to a nine. The word anger adds up to nine and the word love adds up to nine. We have the choice which word we choose to manifest this year; will it be love or anger? If we release our anger we will be able to manifest Christ Consciousness, which also adds up to nine. Unfortunately it looks like anger rules right now.

A friend of mine named Mona channeled for me last night and she said there was a major event in the core of the Earth on February 13, 2016. She referred to this event as a great inner earthquake. This event has affected everyone on earth because we are all connected to Mother Earth, and if her core is all shaken up then so is ours. I think we are going through a magnetic shift right now. Energy from the stars is hitting the North Magnetic pole and has been for a couple of weeks. Our brains are affected by magnetic energy. The earthquake in Sumatra is where the first large Tsunami happened on December 26, 2004 and caused the Earth to shift. I think it is shifting again because I have been dizzy for days. Check out this link. Earth Energy

My intestines started to bother me around mid-February. I thought ‘do I have the flu, and I got the message no’ although it might be Ascension flu. How many people have had the flu in the past couple of weeks? I think you are feeling the trauma in the core of the Earth. Our core is our solar plexus and that is where the flu affects us along with just plain feeling awful. My head brain has also been affected by being dizzy.

We have three brains in our body. One is in our head, one is in our hearts, and the other is in our solar plexus. All three of my power centers have been affected by this event in the core of the Earth. The solar plexus is our power center, and the one in our head is our mental center. I think this is telling us that we need to combine all three brains together so we can finally think with our heart. I don’t know how long we will feel this energy although I hope it is gone soon because I like to feel good. Life is much better when a person feels good.

Those who have not had the flu are lucky although it is making many people angry. If you live in the United States all you have to do is watch the election process and you can see how many people are angry about everything and are looking to Trump to change that. He is just an actor on our stage of evolution right now. In the channeling it was said that this anger will build until this fall and then there will be a large crescendo and lots of things will happen. I also think there will be lots of action this month.

The Spring Equinox occurs on March 19 just a few days before a lunar eclipse. The Equinox is the Astrological New Year and I think this is when everyone should start their new year. We move into the sign of Aries on the Equinox and this is the sign of new beginnings. The lunar eclipse will be on March 23 on 4 degrees Libra and the sun will be on 4 degrees Aries, and Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries. Uranus is on the exalted degree of 19 Aries. This will add power to the manifestation of Uranus. Expect the unexpected.

We end this month with the celebration of Easter which occurs on March 27, 2016. We are living in very exciting times and do not worry or fear anything. Everything is going to be all right. There has been a lot of talk about doom and gloom and that has happened to the people who are in wars, the people who are homeless, and to those who have lost everything. They have gone through their own Armageddon. We create what we choose to experience and this is why it is so important to watch what we think and to live in the vibration of unconditional love. So Be It! I love you! Mahala Gayle

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Planet Alert March 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Well in theory an abrupt shift in the the Planet Earth’s magnetic field could have several physiological and psychological abberations due to the constriction of atoms
    in our body due to extremely powerful magnetic field.
    Effects would vary to the persons location,duration and intensity of the event. You could expect spatial disorientation, Nausea, reduced cognitive abilities and loss of motor skills among others.
    Electronics might not work until the magnetic field disruption settles down…implanted devices like a pace makers will likely fail. Loss of electrical power and disruptions to telecommunications world wide.
    World wide If you was driving a automobile, riding in a plane or a train you might have huge problem.

  2. wow………..thank you.
    that’s AWESOME…!.we’re all waiting for this thing to happen…and here it is.
    i had bouts of intense dizzyness during that period and i had no idea what hit me. i had to go to the pharmacy and buy some meclizine.
    What does this magnetic shift mean to us…?
    Does anybody know..?

  3. I was at school today and my girlfriend listens to you on her radio, every Thursday…She said I have to check out on the computer. I am so very grateful I did! I am experiencing the very same physical ailments that you are! Grateful to know the reason why! I just made an appointment to see the Neurologist, as the migraines are so very bad. Even after the medication has put them at bay…I am very weak from so much battle within. I wish I could have hear you on the radio but reading it was so excellent too. My friend and I are looking forward to experiencing what it is like not to be in poverty! And at the same time, grateful for the blessings we have! Warmth and shelter, food and water. And shared friendships. Thank you again. Verna

  4. Hi Mahala, I love to read your reports…there’s always a connection to what is happening in my life. I just got over the flu! ;o)

  5. Thank you for your bright shining light. I have shared your love for many years…and I’m grateful.

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