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Axiatonal Lines of Light

Article by Alison Dhuanna @

The Full Moon conjunct Fomalhaut ‘The Mouth of the Whale’ was awesome this week and the appearance of a ‘Migaloo’ white whale in Hawaii the Eye Chakras of the Earth is very significant and exciting confirmation that we are expanding and opening to higher frequencies of light. Light is received through our eyes and the pineal gland and is the fundamental programming of our biological cycles.

The pressure seems more and more to think of our own development in terms of the collective, and not just Human but also the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. Over the past few years I’ve been working with a colleague Susan Shanaz who is Projector in the Human Design System and I think of her as quietly incubating Golden Eggs whilst I as a Generator often bring them into the collective . Our Human Design charts complete each others in many ways and I say this to highlight the importance of relationships and community at this time. This work is not something which can or is meant to be done alone and we find those who both compliment and challenge us to grow all around us.

Just before our meeting this week Shanaz and I both had a dream. In my dream she was opening lines of light on my body in preparation to share this with larger groups of people. In her dream she dreamt of two stones called in esoteric teachings Umin and Thummin which generate a yin yang force field of great power and healing. We both knew very little of these stones and our research led us back to The Book of Enoch a work channelled in the 1970’s that many will be familiar with. In Key 317 it talks about the future luminaries undertaking work which is available to larger groups of people right now.

“In order to reconnect the biological interconnection with higher energy planes serving evolutionary programming, the acupuncture lines of the old programme have to be attached to “new” axiatonal lines if the cellular grids are to be in harmony with all physical manifestations…”. If you have access to the book it is very awakening to read this whole chapter.

This week I have also felt very called by Pluto and Chiron which tend to represent wounded parts of our selves and my feeling is they are an important part of this integration process which primarily will take place through light and sound healing, and that healers globally will be unfolding unique ways of doing this as myself and Shanaz are. Pluto in Capricorn is squaring Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage and this is very important for the birthing of the ‘Oversoul’ who assists each individual to connect up. Quite surprisingly I experienced this Oversoul as my own Death spirit which has been with me (and all of us) since birth. I found my Death to be warm, loving and wise and definitely an energy body to be embraced to overcome the deep fears of ‘non existence’ many of us have buried in our subconscious.

Also Chiron on the South Node has been calling this week and this has to do with ancestral healing and painful emotions. On the North Node we have Jupiter in Virgo pulling us towards expansion and a deep Earth consciousness but we cannot ignore what is also behind us…our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and the social issues they experienced in their lives. War, migration, oppression and poverty are all deeply ingrained in us and often they prevent us from connecting to the wider picture because this brings up the primordial fear of not existing and of being destroyed. These fears are being soothed by Ceres in Pisces the Spiritual Mother. She is very much present as White Tara or Mother Mary available to nurture and help us to feel that we have within us all a protective Goddess presence as we make these transformations. It also feels important to say that rather than these deep emotions and fears being a problem or a nuisance they are the cleansing waters and purification of the soul. Open the space around your heart to allow all that wants to be present to be present as only then can this purification take place. There is nothing you do not have the strength to face.

This brings me to the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8-9th March over Indonesia. The eclipse is passing over Bali the ‘Navel Centre’ of the world which is of course our primal point on the body for receiving nurturing from the Cosmic Mother.  Bali is a place where the two major yin and yang ley lines cross. Leading into this it will be very powerful to meditate and activate the ‘galactic’ belly button. You can do this by allowing energy from your hand to sooth the belly button and through your intention ask for the umbilical cord with White Tara or Mother Mary to be activated so you have a deep sense of receiving all that you need right now and being fed by light.

The White Tara mantra is ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha’ and the meaning is for the integration of Body, Mind and Soul to take place right now. In other words the mantra invites the Overlighting Soul to be one with you in the Sacred Marriage. You Tube has many wonderful versions of the mantra to sing along to and its especially good whilst you are cooking to remind ourselves of the sacredness and nurturing of food. Like wise there are many beautiful renditions of choral music invoking Mother Mary such as Hildegarde Von Bingen’s Living Voices of Light.

I do one to one Goddess astrology readings which are £85 for a CD or £125 for a Skype hour. They are personal channellings and my voice is part of the healing process. Contact me at

For those of you in the UK the following workshops are coming up and the Birchcliffe Centre where most are taking place in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire has a lovely Independent Youth Hostel. It was voted by British Airways to be the quirkiest town in the world and its lovely in the summer. It is accessible by train from all over the country.

Co-facilitated workshops

19th March 9.30-5pm – Circadian Rhythms for Health with Neuroscientist, Jen Altman and a rare opportunity to take part in the Ancient Egyptian Journey into the Duat to restore the cycles of night and day with myself Cost: £65

2nd April 12-5pm – Unlocking the Creative Genius in your DNA and the Aquarian Energies with Susan Shanaz (Human Design), Sue StarJaguar Native American Indian Council, Sylvia Mutterlee Shamanic Healing with Freya her Bird of Prey, Mary Margaret Mayan Astrologer and Mandala Artist from Glastonbury. Free

7th May – Ceres the Mother Goddess and Nutritional Healing with Julie Silver in Prestwich £45

21st May – Shamanic Journeying with Horses with Amanda Oates and The In Harmony with Horses herd Cost £85

19th June – Configuring Axiatonal Lines through Light and Sound healing with Susan Shanaz Cost: £50

Summer Shamanic Journeying with Freya the Hawk – this will be a very rare opportunity to join a small group and work shamanically with Freya to heal trauma.

September dates to be announced for Music of the Spheres with Dr Jen Altman

Three Day Mayan Mandala workshop at South Stack Coastal Retreat, Anglesey visiting sacred sites and creating your own mandala of cosmic energies, dates to be announced with Susan Shanaz and Margaret Mary

Image is the Hubble Telescope image of Greater Orion gateway to the 8th dimensions of light


Axiatonal Lines of Light — 1 Comment

  1. We are only lost by believing other’s words telling us that we are~! We are already; complete, full of “all” that we truly are and will ever need to be! To re-member this info, is simply letting go of all we are and were lead to believe, then just Be our full magnificent Being. Light is around whether we see it with the limited capacity of the spectrum of light our eyes are capable of seeing, but just because we can’t see something with our eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! The only time we are in the dark is when we believe we are… Be the light you are! No effort by you or anyone else is needed! Breathe and Be…

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