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Pallas Athena in Aquarius

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna.

At present the Goddess Asteroids are in a lovely holding mandala in the zodiac so this is a potent time to surrender to her receptive energies and ‘allow’ rather than make things happen.

My previous blogs focussed on Ceres the Mother Goddess entering Pisces and Hygeia Goddess of sleep and dreams entering Libra. The cosmos is asking us to attune to her cycles and to base our healthy living on being aware and attuned to light and dark. Today I will talk about Pallas Athena in Aquarius and she is journeying with Mercury and Venus who is about to enter Aquarius. Pallas in the Warrior Goddess and in Aquarius the Humanitarian Activist. However the Goddess energy is receptive so how might we best ride this wave of potential transformation towards Aquarian ideals?

As is often the case my own life provides great learning material. On Saturday my car conked out completely and so I awoke under time pressure this morning knowing I would need to walk into my studio. Time pressure and anxiety about achieving goals is a sure sign we are in a stressful yang state and it takes a leap of faith to rebalance back into Yin; to do the opposite of what the prevailing culture thinks we should do which is hurry up, do more, be more productive. So I went for a walk instead enjoying the rare sunshine for Yorkshire this time of year and allowing the anxiety of my mind to dissipate. I had many fortuitous meetings today and my activities such as writing this blog feel fuelled by really positive energy instead of anxiety which is what would have happened if I write it first thing.

The town I live in Hebden Bridge flooded badly on Boxing Day and only around 20% of shops have reopened. These devastating floods though provided a rare opportunity where people could not stand around waiting for the authorities to take charge and the results showed what can be achieved when people pull together. Many hearts were touched when for example Syrian refugees from a nearby city came to help clear up the disgusting mud. In Britain we are presently bombarded by the media about the threat of terrorism and also threats of austerity measures. Many people in Britain are in survival mode, and yet this disaster showed the phenomenal goodwill of people and its power to over ride the ‘austerity’ consciousness in a moment.

On my way home somebody had written on a shop window a lovely statement about how community coming together is not just a pipe dream. I was aware on an energetic level of a hum, a beehive energy where people do not just go into one homogenous blob of community but rather because of the inner genius within being present people feel more secure and confident in community. Goodwill creates a powerful energy wave and this is the way of the Goddess.

Pallas Athena moving through Aquarius with Mercury and Venus is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with trusting the Yin energy to deliver on your dreams and on creating or being in community in a different way. Do not assume that because things have failed in the past that they will fail again. Lessons have been learnt and opportunities may present themselves for another go.

Many ancient systems talk about the route from individual self to being in community with others, and this is our evolutionary goal. Astrology is one of these systems and the Goddess Asteroids and Centaurs can help us navigate these sometimes perilous emotional waters as they are the transitional bodies between the inner realm of self and our relationship to the collective. We do after all have to confront our demons in Scorpio before we ascend with our new ideals in Sagittarius so this is not an easy process. As Saturn has now moved into Sagittarius this also assists the energies for us to leave the underworld of emotional demons armed with all we have learnt and hopefully less fearful than before. With Fire Monkey as our ally this brings hope, faith and playfulness and we could all do with some of that after the difficult transformations of the past few years.

I offer Goddess Asteroid birth charts by CD (£85) or Skype (£125) anywhere in the world. The reading is done using a Horary chart so it is a specific channelling for you at a specific time and date. The Goddess Asteroids give a deep soul meaning and my voice will assist in awakening you and accelerating your ascension process. This reading is of course for men too. Please contact me at to book your reading.


Pallas Athena in Aquarius — 4 Comments

  1. In oneness.. the beautiful message gives us all hope that we can give up our things that hold us apart from others and become as one as in the village that came together a long with the refugees that were nearby.. We have allowed ourselves to be led down the garden path so we walk with fear of our fellow man.. we are to rise above chaos.. and come together as one.. in love ♡♡♡

  2. Many people are in survival mode as well here in Los Angeles.
    As I observe, they tend to be the ones who have chosen to
    live in consciousness with an open heart, however painful at this juncture in time.
    I would give what did not work so well in the past another whirl.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Wow, Raymond, was it really necessary to post your criticism?
    I am shocked. This is a free site. Let the “perfect one”
    throw the stone might apply here.

    Alison is serving us through her article. What is your
    service ?
    Note: my education, in the USA, spells learnt as learned !

  4. Good content, but it would be easier to read if your grammar were better & you would use proper punctuation! You never learnt that in grade school???!!!

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