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Planet Alert February 2016

I am writing this article right before the full moon on January 23, 2016. The moon was in Cancer on Friday January 22, and was affecting the Southeast and East Coast of America. This caused lots of snow to come down in those areas, and then comes the flooding. If you live in those areas, are you enjoying all that snow, or is it very challenging? It was a very powerful monster storm and it was a major full moon event. I’m sure the alignment of five planets in our solar system added energy to that storm. This alignment will continue for several more days. The planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The sun is now in Aquarius and that area rules Japan, the Koreas, Australia and the surrounding islands. There was a 6+ earthquake in Japan, and we may hear more news from the leader of North Korea. Aquarius is an air sign and is ruled by Uranus. This planet rules storms. It also rules electricity, power outages, electronic devices, like your computer and cell phones, and all of these electronic gadgets will be under the energy of Uranus (unexpected disruption) this upcoming month. There will also be lots of storms all over the world for the next thirty days.

Uranus and Pluto are still in a square aspect, which means there will be a lot more transforming events in many parts of the world this month. Then right before the new moon on February 8th the sun will be making a square to Mars over the Middle East, and the sun will be affecting the Koreas. What will that create? Mars will be in Scorpio over the Middle East until March 6, 2016.

Mars in Scorpio means that you may have to deal with stuff that comes up in your life again; that you thought you had already dealt with long ago. If this happens, remember to breathe, detach from the drama, and remain calm, grounded and centered. If you witness chaos unfolding around you, or in the world, please stay calm. This too will pass.

Everything is coming to the surface now and if this causes you to feel fear, release that fear and remember that you are a great Being of Light. Scorpio is the energy of deep dark secrets. These secrets are being brought up to the surface for everyone in the world to see. Life is not as it has been portrayed. It’s major wake-up time.

We are still in the period of jumping time-lines. It can be very confusing when you don’t know what time-line you are experiencing. The fourth dimension is one where everything happens at once, and it rules time. Have you noticed how fast time is moving? Wars are still part of that time-line and the drums of war are still beating in the Middle East. The fifth dimension is one of peace and unity. I have also experienced a lot of miracles lately and that is a sixth dimension manifestation. Move out of the chaos by staying on a higher frequency time-line by manifesting unconditional love.

Mars is also affecting the West Coast and there is a confrontation going on in Burns, Oregon right now. This has been going on for almost three weeks. There are a lot of military people in Burns right now and so far it has been non-violent. I hope it stays that way. This full moon will be the test. This event appears to be the beginning of a growing revolution in the United States for freedom. Please focus your attention on Burns, Oregon and send your loving thoughts their way.

There was also an event that happened recently with a Volcano that is just off the Oregon Coast. The water in that area dropped four feet and it is a wonder there was not a tidal wave from that event. The Internet said there would be a large quake in the Pacific Northwest from it. I said, ‘I don’t think so’ the planets are not right for that to happen at this particular time. However, there was a 4.5 quake off Vancouver Island. That is the acupuncture point for the Pacific Northwest, and lots of quakes happen in that area because it is at the top of the subduction zone for our area. There was also a 6.7 quake that occurred yesterday in the Gulf of California, and a 6.8 SW of Anchorage.

The new moon of January 9th was under the theme of abuse, and this full moon is still under that theme. In fact this influence lasts until the new moon of February 8, 2016 when we enter into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. The theme of abuse means that if you have experienced any abuse in the past it is now coming up for you to look at and release. If you are interested in finding out the theme of a new or full moon, look on the Internet for Astrology King.

I also realized how abusive we have been to our planet. Earth is our Mother and she has been taking care of us for a long time. Our planet is a conscious being. The soul of this planet made an agreement, as part of its incarnation as a physical reality, to host a diversity of life forms and to interact with and sustain these life forms in keeping with the planets own destiny. She has allowed much abuse to her body while patiently waiting for humans to get the message of what they were doing to that which sustains them.

Do you think that because we are in the energy of releasing abusive events that Mother Earth is about to say no more, this is enough? You have had your chance and you still continue to abuse me. I will not stand for that anymore. Maybe we could apologize to Mother Earth and send her love. I think the abusive cycle is about to be over because the leaders of the world did sign an agreement last year to work on cleaning up the Earth.

Saturn is in Sagittarius, which rules the banking system. We all know that the new banking system is in place just waiting for the right moment to come on-line and be announced to everyone. There has been a lot of drama about the financial system going down, and this may happen on 4 D Earth. I do not believe this will happen on the higher frequency time-line. I believe we enter this new time-line of financial abundance on or around March 6th after Mars moves into Sagittarius.

Walk softly on this beautiful planet and know that “everything is going to be alright.”

So Be It!     I love you!

Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert February 2016 — 5 Comments

  1. I have been following you since the late 90’s and just reconnected with your planet alerts. Thank you for being a beacon of light when it feels dark!! ❤️

  2. As always, so wonderful to read your newsletters.
    Thank you, dear Mahala.
    Peace be with you.

  3. Love you back. I try to help out on Astrology King when folks have questions. Jamie covers what he can get to, but he’s busier than I am. Thanks so much for your work!

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