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The Gravity of Topsoil

Guest article By Alison, UK Astrologer

In microcosm and the macrocosm there is an acceleration of the light connecting the forces of gravity in the galaxy, the soil of the Earth and our bodies. This light is travelling through billions and billions of vibrating strings in colour rays. The energy travelling in the strings is not matter, it is dark matter comprised partly of Gravitons which as the name suggests are responding to the many forces of Gravity in the Universe. Gravity as we know is a core part of every planetary body, orbital patterns as well as black holes. Gravity is the composer of the song, the choreographer of the unfolding cosmic dance.

On an emotional and spiritual level paying attention to what happens in the spaces in between can help us greatly to connect with the ‘deeper magic’ at work. Any time we consciously connect with the forces of Gravity we attract the Gravitons to us creating a powerful force of anti matter, of life, death and rebirth. Practice holding it as a ball of energy in your hands and feel the power….and perhaps a bit of panic!

With Samhain New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th November we begin in earnest the descent into darkness and peace where our connection with the cosmos is greatly enhanced, particularly if we make the effort to sit in the darkness as far from noise and light pollution that we can manage. Recent archaeological evidence has shown that Celtic Kings were sacrificed at Samhain and would have been reborn in the Chambered Cairns across Britain at the Winter Solstice as the Priestess or Queen gave birth in the Womb of the Earth. These births were timed to coincide with the Sun entering the womb of the Goddess through the vaginal tunnel at either sunrise or sunset at Winter Solstice and on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, UK the Druids went one step closer aligning the cairns to the transit of Venus. This New Moon is in a wonderful Sextile to Jupiter and Hygeia Goddess of Healing through Sleep and Dreams. This next cycle and the descent into darkness therefore hold the possibility of profound expansion of consciousness through embracing the darkness (In the Northern Hemisphere).

At this time of year the process of Mother Earth creating healthy topsoil through mulching and decay are pretty awesome to comprehend, so leave those leaves exactly where they are or put them somewhere where soil needs improving. The mushrooms in their many diverse forms are the willing helpers of this fundamental process of healthy life on Earth. Recently I have become involved with a Community Garden in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire which was a landfill site many years ago and was razed in 2000 to create flood defences. The land has begun the long restoration needed to restore balance, but the poison caused by human interactions will take years to sort out……or perhaps not with the forces of Gravitons and Mushrooms to help! We are beginning a period of experimental energy healing with this land and it would be interesting to connect to anybody who has had success elsewhere.

In the microcosm, topsoil and the processes by which it is created, seems very much in resonance with the Black Holes of our galaxy, the most vast of which is the Galactic Centre. Two Female Centaurs Chariklo and Hylonome have been transiting the Galactic Centre for the past 6 months. Chariklo, wife of Chiron is a healer and yet in mythology largely invisible. She asks us to recognise the invisible forces and sometimes invisible people, such as carers, and the important role they play. Hylonome has similarities with Pallas Athena and Juno in that she was devoted to her other half and yet also a Warrior archetype. She may be said to be a repolarisation of the archetypes of Lover and Warrior to a powerful, integrated energy. It is truly a gift when a man (or partner) nurtures and celebrates the strength of a woman.

In the Druidic Teachings appearing through Celtic Myth the Body of the Goddess and the Land are One and this Goddess is exists within all people. She called Enid and is the Goddess of Sovereignty and above all she honours free will recognising that without it there is always a measure of enslavement. She has many resonances with Eris the Trans Neptunian body I wrote about in my last blog ….. both love the colour red. This cycle of purification of the land seems to be powerfully calling for purification of the body too. If our skin is topsoil and our bones rock, our cellular memory holding the space of infinity within and our bare feet touching the Earth as they were always meant to, who would we be then? Our cellular membranes are perfectly able to resonate with the Cosmic Strings of Vibrating Light too as we integrate the 7th Dimension. Entanglement Theory shows that as one particle changes, another even in another galaxy changes instantaneously. In many ways this healing and purification requires minimal effort and trusting that our bodies and the earth already know exactly what to do to restore harmony, balance and good health.

I specialise in Goddess Asteroid and Centaur charts for a deep soul reading. There is a Sacred Site trip to Anglesey, Wales, UK  from the 20th to 22nd December to experience the Winter Solstice alignments with a special group coming from Italy with Darshana who is a Holographic Light and Sound Healer. This is a very rare opportunity to be allowed in the sites in the UK at Winter Solstice. I would like to acknowledge information about Entanglement Theory learnt from my colleague Dr Jen Altman on The Living in the Quantum Light course we are presently facilitating. Please get in touch for more information about any of the above on


The Gravity of Topsoil — 3 Comments

  1. to further energize the earth and soil……..
    create a grid around your area using crystals at the cardinal points [ and also in between if you have lots of extra crystals ] and connect them all with copper wire to create and energy vortex.
    do this with the INTENTION of bring healing energy to the space / area, and to mother earth herself. this will also intensify the growth and decomposition in the area. ask the earth devas and fairies for assistance too, they will love you for it and be there for you immediately !!!!! [ but you MUST ask for their help and blessings.]

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