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Astrology Report for October

Guest article By Dorene Carrel

October features harmonious Jupiter alignments with Mars and Venus, which will help us to stay energized, inspired and optimistic about the future. These three planets are also in trine to Pluto, enhancing luck, prosperity and deeper insights. We begin the month still under the September Virgo new moon cycle, with a focus on work, health and service.  There is also a Libra emphasis this month, which brings in relationships and our need for balance, equality and harmony.  As Mercury in Libra is still retrograde, caution and flexibility is advised for daily business and travels.

On October 6 Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, which can bring feelings of defeat and confusion. On this same day, the Libra Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn, which can bring up fears and a need for more control.  It is favorable to ask for spiritual help and guidance; more clarity will likely come later in the month.

Mercury finally turns direct at 1 Libra on October 9.  We can now gradually move forward again with a new sense of direction and order.   On October 8-10 Mercury will align with the North Node, highlighting the areas of relationships and communication.  On October 10, Venus in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, which may result in a feeling of being undervalued and misunderstood.  It is best to seek our own validation and approval at this time, while striving for more understanding and compassion.

On October 11, Jupiter in Virgo forms a harmonious trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is the first of three trines between these two planets, with the other two trines occurring next year.  This trine between earth signs can bring prosperity and good luck, especially to those who have done both inner and outer preparation. This aspect favors projects that bring benefit to large networks and communities.  It is also a good time to strive for a deeper understanding of our beliefs and how they manifest in our lives.

The New Moon occurs on October 12 at 19 Libra.  It opposes Uranus in Aries and makes a wide square to Pluto in Capricorn.  The focus is on partnerships, relationships and striving for balance, equality and harmony in all areas.  There may be a sense of rebelliousness now, along with sudden new insights and perceptions.  This can result in a new awareness of the power dynamics in relationships, or how to use one’s own personal power in a more effective way.  The challenge will be to achieve an appropriate balance between freedom and closeness, without sacrificing one for the other.  The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A rabbi performing his duties; the ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellowmen,” suggests that certain spiritual traditions and learning from our past can give us new inspiration that is helpful to ourselves and others.

Mars trines Pluto on October 15 and goes on to conjunct Jupiter on October 17. Any new projects that began under the Jupiter/Pluto trine on October 11 will receive a boost of inspiration, energy and resources at this time.  This high energy cycle is especially good for starting a new enterprise or fitness/exercise routine.

Venus trines Pluto on October 23 and goes on to conjunct Jupiter on October 25. Relationships come into focus at this time, with Pluto encouraging us to strive for a deeper understanding that can bring more intimacy.  With Venus/Jupiter in Virgo, we can visualize the highest outcome and then take concrete steps to manifest it.  There is enjoyment from taking a more purposeful socializing approach, such as matching people up with partners or projects.  This is the third of three Venus/Jupiter conjunctions this past year, with the other two occurring on July 1 and August 4. You will now have a chance to finish something that was begun during these earlier periods that could relate to romance, finances or creativity.

On October 27 the Full Moon occurs at 4 Taurus.  This is the third of three Super Full Moons in a row, which brings larger shifts in consciousness.  This lunation makes a challenging inconjunct to Saturn, along with a harmonious sextile to Neptune. New emotional tensions can arise, especially in the home/family areas, which can be lessened by taking a more spiritual approach. Visualize the highest outcome for all concerned.  Taurus themes include being dependable, loyal, stable and stubborn. The Sabian symbols for these degree areas, “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” and “A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual,” suggest we always need to keep our highest intentions in mind on a daily basis.

In November, Venus aligns with Mars and Neptune turns direct.  Blessings for a peaceful and prosperous month.

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Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  Donations towards this column ($12 suggested) are very appreciated and will ensure that it continues.    Paypal accepted. (Please use as reference.)

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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