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Planet Alert July 2015

What a month June turned out to be. Did you feel the intensity? I started feeling the intensity in the afternoon of the full moon on June 2, 2015 and it continued all month. If we thought June was intense, just wait and see what July will bring. This month starts out pretty good with a full moon on July 1, 2015 at 7:20 PM PDT. This moon is called “The Moon of Blessings and Magic” and Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct at this time. This indicates the Return of the Christ energy (Goddess energy) that is within all of us.

I received an email today with a headline saying “Star of Bethlehem returns for the first time in 2,000 years on 22 degrees Leo, which is the degree of Wealth, Esteem, and Power. Astronomers are calling this conjunction the return of the Star of Bethlehem because this is what the magi (astronomers/astrologers) have been watching and waiting for. This event will be like an announcement in the heavens of the long expected second coming when divine enlightenment rises like the sun, from the east to the west”.

The meaning of this conjunction on 22 degrees Leo is “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission, or Spirituality in terms of training for service to mankind.” We now have the successfully trained carrier Pigeon delivering the message it was meant to carry. This refers to spiritual energies that can now be used constructively, and it also means it is now time for us to educate the masses.

NASA says that Jupiter and Venus will merge into a dazzling “super star” in the Western horizon by the end of June, which means right now. It’s time to tune into this energy, which is one of the best aspects you can have in your chart. It rules love and money. It’s also a very good time to get married or have a party. The planet Uranus is making a perfect trine to that conjunction and Uranus rules change that brings in a new way of doing things. This means we will be going through a lot of changes, which could become kind of chaotic for the next couple of months.

Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, is the third star in this alignment in the heavens. Regulus is now on zero degrees Virgo and this brings in the Goddess energy. The sign of Virgo is the Goddess sign. This energy will be in effect for the next 2,000 years. Jupiter is considered the Father in Astrology and Venus the Mother. In other words this is telling us that the polarity we have been going through for thousands of years is about to change. The masculine and feminine energy is being balanced within us so we can focus on Love Energy.

Venus moves onto zero degrees Virgo on July 19th and turns retrograde on July 25th. Venus will stay retrograde until September 5, 2015 and on September 27th Venus will be on 22 degrees Leo, which was the degree of its conjunction. This may be the time when everything starts moving in a positive direction.

Next year on August 27, 2016 there will be another conjunction of these two planets. This next conjunction will be on 28 degrees Virgo. This past year, as Jupiter was moving through Leo, we learned how to open our hearts to more love. This manifested in some people as heart attacks. For most people what appeared as a heart event was just a symptom of their heart opening. Jupiter moves out of Leo into Virgo on August 9, 2015, where it will stay for one year.

It’s interesting that Greece is in a major monetary crisis now as this conjunction is occurring. Does this mean that the domino is about to fall and Greece is the trigger for a world monetary change? We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is about to come online in July 2015, and be fully established by the end of 2015. There are 57 countries that have joined this bank. The United States and Japan have not joined yet.   In September we may start to feel the full effects of this new banking system. Financial events are happening now like President Obama announcing a Major Overtime Expansion Payment today on TV.

There are a lot of events that will occur this month. In my last article I talked about the Mars/Pluto opposition that will occur on the upcoming new moon on July 15th. At that time Mars will be on 14 degrees Cancer, right over Washington, D.C and Pluto will be on 14 degrees Capricorn. The Sun is almost on 14 degrees Cancer right now and we are already feeling the effects of this Mars/Pluto aspect because one of the manifestations of this energy is power and control over money. Look at what happened to the Stock Market on Monday, June 29th.

Maybe it is time to concentrate on any anger or frustration that is still hidden inside of us and bring it up to look at and release. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me. If enough people would do this we might be able to negate the negative effects from the Mars/Pluto aspect that is now in effect on 3D Earth.

Another meaning of the Mars/Pluto aspect is the possibility of war-like energy, including violence, riots, revolutions, fires, explosions, and power struggles between different countries. Washington D.C. is under the Mars aspect this month and Russia is under the Pluto aspect. Does this mean there will be more confrontations between those two countries? The Saturn Retrograde energy is over the Middle East and Africa. It looks like more violence or Earth changes will occur in those areas, and we might start hearing more from Iran.

According to Astrology, the next two months will still see people releasing things from their past. This also includes negative world events coming to light for everyone to see. There are several different realities in affect right now and you have the choice of which reality you choose to live in. If you choose the higher dimension world, the negative part will cease to exist in your reality. There will be a lot of light coming to Earth in the next two months. This means the Hertz level of Earth (Earth’s heartbeat) will become higher, and this will make it easier to vibrate to a higher dimension Earth. I believe that by September, or before, those who are ready will be able to start manifesting heaven on Earth.

Then we have major events coming up in September. One of them is the visit of the Pope to the United States in September where he will speak before congress and the United Nations. He will announce the creation of a new organization that will be above the World Controllers and will include all countries. This sounds like a manifestation of the New World Order which could upset many people, but then it might be the best thing that has ever happened to us if we create it as positive. The whole world will be coming together as one. The goal of this organization will be centered on what to do about weather changes and how we can deal with them.  The Pope has written a letter that is 184 pages long. You can read if you like. Check out the ZeroHedge article “God’s Man On Earth Tells Goldman It Isn’t Doing ‘God’s Work‘”.

As the sun and Mars move through the sign of Cancer, the East Coast of the United States will be affected. Cancer is a water sign, which rules rain and flooding and Mars is a fire sign. Mercury is still in Gemini, which is an air sign and rules storms and this energy was over the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River in June. A lot of storms were felt in those areas in June. Now they will be felt in other parts of the world.

There are Earth changes happening all over the world. Japan is a very active area and so is Taiwan and the Philippines. And there was a large Earthquake in New Zealand about a week ago. Even though the sun will be going through Cancer this month there is a lot of fire energy in force right now. It’s my understanding that fire energy is also Love Energy. Let’s use the positive side of this fire energy and start creating Heaven on Earth.  All is Well in My World!   So Be It!        Written in Love and Light.

*****  Mahala Gayle  *****

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  1. Dear, we WAIT FOR YOUR KIND REPLY…..To our Request HEL(llVETIA & COM. PLEASE
    ANSWER NOW….. 1008 X MAHALO, Mahala!!!

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  3. Thank you for addressing this, Mahala. The energy of the Jupiter/Venus conjunction was so sweet, full of love and incredible happenings and synchronicities, such a welcome beacon after all the intensities. How perfect that this sets the stage to release deeper issues this summer, and that we get a bookend of the same conjunction so soon again next year! Indeed, a time for Goddess energies to meet God energies with deeper Love, the Love of power with rather than power over. Blessings to you and all who work for the good of all.

  4. Dearest Mahala,

    thank you soooOOOooo very much for your wonderful astrological and geopolitical overview.
    We recognized you immediately with great joy as a soul-sister of the same caliber and as the best mundane astrologer ever!
    And who are we? We feel and know that we are the most powerful group on this planet now, with great political and spiritual influence on the consciousness of humanity, without being known.
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    In order to see and feel us we send you our magic Love Tsunami, the Highway to Heaven on New Earth, initiated in 2012.
    In joy!

    It will be crystal clear to you, Mahala, when you see my astro chart!
    How can we send it to you?
    My 73 year old tortured body (polyneuropathia) is about to leave after 8 painful years in bed.

    We wish to support you in any way possible and send you a donation of 111$ from our account That’s all we can afford right now.
    We just set the silver flow (money) towards us in motion.

    With all our respect, love and blessings to you,
    Hel(l)vetia & COM

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