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Astrology report for June

Guest article By Dorene Carrel

June is a fairly active month with four planetary stations, Saturn returning back to Scorpio and the Summer Solstice. We are now in the middle of a Mercury retrograde cycle, which began last month and will end on June 11. Since Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini, it affects communications, travel, link-ups and how we receive and process information. It is best to refine our plans now, rather than moving forward. We are also still under the influence of the May New Moon in Taurus until mid-month, which brings focus to our finances, resources and values, as well as our need for comfort and stability.

On June 2 the Full Moon occurs at 11 Sagittarius 49. This lunation aligns with Mercury and Mars, and is square to Neptune. Mercury/Mars produces much mental and physical energy that gets compromised by the Neptune influence, which tends to bring illusion, confusion, deception and lowered energies. Maintaining a less ambitious agenda is favorable, while also being more cautious and flexible. We can best use this cycle to re-examine our personal philosophy and beliefs from a higher spiritual perspective. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees, “Liberation from the ghosts of the past,” and “The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestation,” suggests a forward-moving, evolving theme.

On this same day the dwarf planet Ceres turns retrograde. Ceres represents the Earth Mother archetype and also rules agriculture, gardening and cooking. Issues around nurturing or nutrition may come into focus. Other areas ruled by Ceres include eating disorders, custody issues and feelings of abandonment or possessiveness.

On June 11, Mercury in Gemini turns direct at 4 Gemini 33. This period can be very mentally active and busy. Neptune turns retrograde the next day, which brings in aspects of confusion, illusion and escapism. If these feelings arise, it is best to slow down. Gradually, our thinking and communications will become clearer and our connections will be more successful. It is best to wait until after the New Moon before starting any major projects.

Saturn in Sagittarius retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14, where it will stay until September 18. This period gives us a final opportunity to clear out any remaining unconscious patterns that are in the way of our higher growth. Also on this day, the Sun aligns with Mars in Gemini, which can be energetic as well as combative. Physical activity can provide needed grounding for restless minds.

The New Moon occurs on June 16 at 25 Gemini 07. It is aligned with Mars in Gemini and forms a challenging square aspect to Chiron. This lunation favors a focus on how we think, learn and communicate, as well as receive and give information to others. Are we able to be compassionate, sensitive and caring to both ourselves and others? Chiron reminds us that our words can either be wounding or healing. The alignment with Mars provides an abundance of physical and mental energy to move forward toward our intended goals. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “Frost-covered trees against winter skies; the revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence,” suggests the ability to view our lives from a higher perspective.

The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21, which is a time of greater light that can bring inner renewal. The Sun enters the sign Cancer on this day, which reminds us of the importance of our inner spiritual foundations of security.

On June 22 Jupiter in Leo forms a harmonious trine aspect to Uranus in Aries, which is a dynamic energy for creative manifestation. Since this is the third and final time this aspect will occur, be sure to take full advantage of this period. It will extend over the next week to June 28, when Venus joins Jupiter. This time is very promising for relationships and business partnerships, as well as launching creative projects that bring prosperity. It is also a favorable time for weddings.

The final planetary station is on June 24 when Chiron turns retrograde at 21 Pisces 33. Chiron represents the wounded healer, as well as the power that can be generated from healing our deeper wounds. This period can be used to heal patterns that have created wounds in our relationship to self and others, as well as our relationship to prosperity on all levels.

The month ends with Venus in Leo forming an exact trine to Uranus in Aries, which can bring sudden favorable events into our lives, depending on where it falls in one’s chart.

July brings a rare Venus retrograde in Leo/Virgo. Blessings to all for a joyful Summer Solstice.

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Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience. For more information on readings, contact Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated. Paypal accepted (please use my email as reference).

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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