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Radio show announcement

Mahala will be on the Tazz and Paula Show on March 17, which is Saint Patrick’s Day. You are all invited to listen in on Tuesday at 12:00 pm. Click on the Blog Talk link.

Details from Tazz and Paula:

The Tazz and Paula Show airs LIVE on Tuesday, March 17th from 12 noon to 1pm PT; it would be easier for you to always connect to the show if you first click on this link:

Then click on the word “FOLLOW” underneath the Tazz and Paula Photo on the left hand side of the screen.  And, thereafter you’ll receive an email with the specific link one hour in advance with a special link for their Tuesday shows directly … which allows you to listen whenever it is convenient for your schedule.
And if you’d like to listen at 12 noon on Tuesday: here’s the direct link:–rockin-n-rollin-n-sleepin
You can also call in LIVE if you have any questions for Mahala at: 347-633-9155.


Tazz and Paula Show – Embracing Mother Earth

With Views Not Heard in the News!


91.5FM KKUP San Francisco South Bay Counties

Blog Talk Radio International Simulcast

Speak Up Talk Radio – Syndicated National Reach with 220 terrestrial radio and cable television station affiliates

Tazz and Paula email:

Tazz’s email:


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