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Channeling for the New Year from Mona Delfino

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Happy New Year, our loved ones!!

“This is the year that things have come to a closure .It is an event that is happening in your world due to global awareness of the shift within.

Most people are into the concept-based holiday season, and some do not recognize how important and huge this event really is. If we can set aside that idea and see what is the significance happening, we will witness this closure from what was to a new state of what is. You may see this time like a big wrapped candy that closes off at the end and pinches down and twists. When you get into the New Year, you begin to unwrap it… you don’t see what was in this before. Instead you start to see a new way of seeing, a new adventure.

This new year will be unlike any before. This is not like you are just going through one day to the next. A new adventure is at hand. This wake up flowing energy has not been here on this planet before; 2015 is a dynamic year for a greater understanding of wisdom. It is an input that is meant to come as a complete connection to the spirit, the soul and this new adventure. It must be seen as ONE unit, without separation!

In your thoughts, you may think you are not wanting to be here on the planet, and have the “I” based concept. However, if you get the “I” out of the way, you will witness that this time is a huge reality based in MUCH more than the I. The “I” stands for “isolation” or “I-sore.” You may call this an “I-opener!”

This is now the WE aspect. This New Year will be a wave, a shift, a movement, and the energies will be 4 to 5 times greater than it has been in 2014! Your planet is involved in an Interstellar shift.  This shift is a turning… like the kneading in the making of bread.

It is like kneading dough until it becomes ready for baking.

So 2015 is going to be the dough maker to encourage humanity to make the bread! In 2016, you’re putting the bread in the oven! 2015 is about creating! What will you do so that your new year will be totally amazing! The choice is yours… will you not let the dough rise? Will you decide to add too much of your own ingredients and ruin the flavor? You can flavor the dough, and spice it up with your kindness and your smiles!

Let us use this example for what is coming. Creativity and connection will be the awareness given to you. It will provide a conscious connection of Source, the connection of God… or better put, the connection of Soul. Make your plans well and get excited! It will fill you and you will develop more passion.

You didn’t come here just for you! You came here to develop and to understand why you are here, however this is to help you to rise up so you never have to go back again to what you thought the “I” meant from the beginning. We are moving quickly out of the old dimension in order to achieve a greater essence of the whole. You can spread your wings now. It’s not about the mundane. It’s so much greater! Also, be careful of your thoughts mostly about money. Recognize your inner strength that provides a come back of abundance, not just the green paper. Abundance and prosperity is the key.

Fortunately, more humans are recognizing that material doesn’t add up to inner satisfaction. They are looking for a whole new way to feel satisfaction that has nothing to do with these material sources. That’s why the Spiritual knowledge is so much greater than what you can perceive in your mind. Be aware that each day is going to show you how to walk this path and take you places you never knew existed. This is the entire balance of the Universe… an interstellar connection. The homeostasis in your body is based on what is happening in the Cosmos.

You have the ability to be wiser and stronger this year without any effort. That my dears, is your 2015 in a nutshell.”

My deepest of love and gratitude to all of you for the Oneness in this abundant year!!   IZORA~


Channeling for the New Year from Mona Delfino — 4 Comments

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  2. The “I” of ego, is isolation… The “I” of Presence, Universal Source, Omni Source, etc. is all inclusive. We don’t have to let Divinity “in”, it is and has always been “with” us. All we have to do is open and understand that we are already One with All! Conventional mind states, we are separate from God/dess to keep the masses in a state of needing outside help. Universal mind states we are all One with everything! Just open and Be!

  3. thank you Mona!! this article was so refreshing.. i truly enjoyed it.a new perspective and a new way of looking at everything..Awesome !! Happy New Year from mkincer

  4. Thank you Mona! This is good medicine for me now. My mother who is 94 years old is dying as I type this to you. She is such a wonderful spirit but I have to let her go. She’s ready. I so look forward to being in the same frequency again. Your words helped my heart. Thank you. Mary

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