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Astrology Report For December

Guest article By Dorene Carrel

December offers opportunities for creating positive change and an optimistic outlook. Jupiter in Leo goes retrograde and Uranus in Aries turns direct, with both forming a fire grand trine with the Sun in Sagittarius at the Full Moon.  This energetic pattern will help us create new opportunities to achieve our higher goals.  Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius for the next two years, providing a practical perspective for our visions and ideals.  The month begins under the Sagittarius new moon cycle, with a focus on one’s spiritual path, journeys and achieving a higher perspective.

On December 6 the Full Moon occurs at 14 Gemini.  It opposes Mercury, Venus and Ceres, which indicates that we need to stay positive and supportive in our thoughts and communications.  The fire grand trine created by the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus adds a burst of energy that also allows us to achieve greater clarity about our life purpose at this time.   The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees, “The need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals,” and “The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects,” suggest the importance of communication within one’s spiritual circle to gain new perspectives and make preparation for new changes.

Jupiter in Leo turns retrograde on December 8 for the next four months, encouraging us to reexamine any beliefs that are not in alignment with our higher intentions. We can also gain a broader perspective on our lives at this time. As the Sun aligns with Mercury today, it is favorable to communicate and journal about any new insights.

Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on December 14.  This is the 6th out of 7 exact squares (since 2011), with the last one occurring in March 2015.

Expect higher tensions and changes in the world and in our lives, with a continued rebellion against excessive power, control and outdated structures. Look for an outcome that brings more freedom, equality and authentic expression, although there may be dramatic breakdowns along the way.  Make sure to have adequate preparation for possible earth changes. The strong Capricorn emphasis this month suggests more earthquakes, mudslides and storm damage.

This Uranus/Pluto aspect makes two significant alignments with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn.  On December 20 Venus conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, which can bring disruption to our relationships and finances.  On December 24 Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, which can lead to power plays and rebellious actions.  However, Pluto allows us to have an in-depth perspective that can bring greater resolution, while Capricorn encourages us to examine our commitments and take a step-by-step approach towards our goals.

The New Moon occurs on December 21 at 0 Capricorn, just a couple of hours after the Winter Solstice.  This month we can build on the Capricorn traits of being thorough, conscientious and organized.  Its alignment with Mercury ushers in a busier period of activity, accentuated by a direct station of Uranus the next day. Some surprising news, events and breakthroughs can occur at this time.  It is favorable to slow down and stay centered. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe,” suggests taking responsibility in the balanced use of power and authority.

On December 23, Saturn in Scorpio makes a major shift into Sagittarius for the next two years.  It will retrograde back into Scorpio from June to September 2015, allowing us a final chance to clear emotional baggage.  Since Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, we will have renewed energy for aiming higher and striving to fulfill our visions and goals. There will be more focus in the areas of education, spiritual path, dreams and long journeys.

Mercury goes retrograde in mid-January, so be prepared!  Sending blessings to all for a peaceful, joyous Solstice/Christmas/New Year.

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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