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Radio Show Announcement

Update. Here is a link to the show:  

From Pam.

Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Mahala World Astrologer

Welcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show with Pam.

To access the show this Monday, February 10th., 6:30 pm CST/ 4:30 PST.

Get on line early Mahala ‘World Astrologer’ is back and has plenty to share. Mahala writes a ‘free’ monthly article called Planet Alert, she has been writing these articles since 1988.

Mahala says we are now in a new energy that is much different than it has been in the past. The world will now become a much better place to live because we will be living on a higher dimensional world. The old way of doing things will disappear and the new world of love will survive!

Mahala is offering Edgar Cayce Past Life readings the chart is not so much about your past life as it is about the characteristics you bring with you into this life. The charts are very interesting and give you insight into why your life has been the way it is, $30.00 Email:

To sign up for her ‘Free’ Planetary up-date go to

From the Heart 



Radio Show Announcement — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Dear Pam,Angelswork :

    Thank you very much for sharing this so very reassuring and Encouraging Hope that A the new world of love will survive!..for what millions of us troubled hearts await today.
    Blessings of love Peace and Unity Pam !


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