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New Years Event – On The Positive Side

Guest article by Buryl Payne Ph.D.

Just because there is an earthquake in the ocean doesn’t mean there will be a tsunami. That occurs if the edges of a fault move differently up or down, displacing some water and making a wave. The Earth may need to open a bit because it is growing and expanding After all it is estimated that about 2,000 tons of cosmic dust, mostly particles from the Sun and from space accumulate on Earth every day. Some water may fill into the opened crack, but a tsunami will not be created.

When Earth overtakes slower moving Jupiter, which happens every 13 months, the weather is usually warmer relative to the normal seasonal weather. It will happen in the winter this year that means it will be nice, but not a heat stroke day like it might be in the summer.

Jupiter is the “star” to make a wish on, people believed centuries ago when it was thought to be a star. It also appears to urge people to feast and happily socialize. It is a good time to have a party.

Venus, the inner planet which is overtaking and passing Earth usually has a nice influence on people, too. That Venus is passing Earth almost exactly when Earth is passing Jupiter, is a rare event. Also the Moon is conjunct Venus and opposing Jupiter, a few hours apart on New Years day. What a wonderful day for a holiday!

On the other side of the Sun, Mercury and Pluto align the day before New Years day.

I have observed that Pluto, besides promoting cold and stormy weather, acts as a guiding star for spiritual matters. It keeps people on the right path for influences of a non-material nature.    

When Pluto and Jupiter act together it may be rainy weather, but it still ‘feel good’. It will be a warm rain. It may help form a nice New England snow storm.  Right now on December 10, 2013 Pluto’s effects on the weather is overriding Jupiter.

My research on planetary emanations in water resulted in sensing that Venus made one a little tipsy, like one alcoholic drink. And Jupiter seemed to make water healing and generally feel good.

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Pluto is too far way to hone in on with my simple equipment and Mercury whizzes by too fast to capture its emanations.

I would suggest drinking some rain water — if it rains, or fresh snow water, if it seems clean enough, and to sit outside as the Sunsets to let the bright light of Venus shine on you. It will be big and bright in a few days before New Years, and then it will be too close to the Sun to see.

At midnight on New Years Eve and before or after then, Jupiter will be the brightest light in the sky in the East, moving to be almost directly overhead on New Years Eve.

Have a happy Holiday!


New Years Event – On The Positive Side — 1 Comment

  1. Nice, but I’d skip drinking the rain water…unless one wants to be “fuku-shima-d”…All indications are of the plume of radiation spreading eastward to US Pacific Coast, Alaska & HI…

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