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Planet Alert December 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

I would like to wish everyone in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day of celebration. Hanukkah also starts the same day as Thanksgiving. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration that is also called the Festival of Lights, or the Feast of Dedication. It is an eight day celebration commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the second Temple) in Jerusalem. For those who celebrate this festival, may you manifest a wonderful holiday!

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year when people in the United States stop to give thanks for their blessings. Maybe it is time to start a new movement and give blessings every day. Maybe we could create an Attitude of Gratitude. Instead of complaining and being critical of people and things, let’s turn that energy around to one of gratitude. That might just change your life. 

We used to sing a song at our church called: I Love myself the way I am. It goes like this-I love myself the way I am. There is nothing I need to change. I’m beautiful, I’m wonderful, I’m the best me I can be. That is just part of the words and the rest are also very beautiful.  Most of us never give ourselves enough credit for the beautiful Beings we have evolved into. If each one of us would just praise ourselves, be grateful for everything and manifest love, what a wonderful world we would create.

Our group is having a celebration on December 8, 2013 and I would like to invite you to attend it if you live in the Pacific Northwest. It is called The Convening of Light, and will be a joyful celebration to create a new paradigm on Earth. Our goal is to manifest Heaven on Mother Earth.  (H.O.M.E.)   Please check out:

We also have the great comet Ison at the closest point to our sun on November 28th. There has been a lot of controversy over what this comet is, or is not. At least 20 years ago I read an article in the regular news, about an object called Nemesis that the Astronomers had discovered and it was heading for Earth. The expected arrival time was to be the year 2012. A couple of weeks later I read another article saying they had recalculated the orbit and it would be here later. It is here now.

It’s my understanding that Nemesis/Nemosis (Ison) was known as the dark companion to our sun, and it comes by here every few thousand years to connect with our sun. Our moon also has a companion and it is called the dark moon, and is named Lilith. Nemesis has been on its way here for a long time. Nemesis has always been considered the destroyer, or the negative companion of our sun. It is also called the great awakener. It is basically helping to break down the old paradigm within us, and in the world.

I am calling this comet a sun. Others are calling it Planet X, Nibiri, or a space ship. Maybe Ison is a combination of those names and they are all talking about the same thing. I have seen a video that shows a space ship with this comet. I am very excited about its appearance because it is changing our DNA, awakening our pineal gland, and reseeding our Earth.  It will be the Christmas comet of the century providing it survives the transit of our sun. For more information on Nemesis check out these videos: This video is about Comet Ison a dwarf sun. This video is about how Mars turned into a comet.                                                                                   

I have tremendous compassion for the people in the Philippines, and other places, who have experienced so much loss in their lives. We are in the time of great Earth changes and these changes will continue to happen. Just yesterday there were seven volcanoes in six countries that all started erupting at about the same time. That is very unusual. Could the energy from Ison be affecting our Sun, which in turn affects the core of our Earth?  The node and Saturn are still in the sign of Scorpio which rules the underworld, and volcanoes.  Saturn is also still crossing the Middle East and is over Iran right now.

Accelerating ice loss from the Antarctic ice sheet could be due in part to the active volcanoes under the frozen continent’s eastern part. From 2002 to 2011, the average annual rate of Antarctic ice sheet loss increased from about 30 billion tons to about 147 billion tons, the UN’s panel of climate scientists reported in September.

And we are still in the year of the Water Snake. There have been tremendous storms and flooding this past year. We will still be in the Water Snake year for another couple of months. Right now Saturn is in Scorpio (water), Jupiter is in Cancer (water), and Neptune will be in Pisces for a long time (water-oceans).  Actually there is water trine in affect right now. Jupiter will be in Cancer for several months and Cancer rules the area from the Midwest to the Southeast to the East Coast of USA, which means there will be more storms in those areas. In fact, there are storms coming into those areas right now, and there might be more snow than normal in those areas this winter.

We are experiencing some very intense energy. We are moving into a new paradigm and how we choose to manifest this paradigm is up to us. Is this the time we have been waiting for? Is it time for Ascension, or open contact with our brothers and sisters from space? And then we have the Bitcoin that has become very popular recently. Bitcoin is the new internet financial system. How will it all work out? Does anyone know? If so, please let me know.

I do know that our sun is completing her magnetic pole shift that happens every eleven years. I think Ison is helping the sun complete her turn this time. If we are moving into a higher frequency, the sun must be doing that also, along with our solar system. I do know that we crossed the Galactic Center in December of 2012 and we are now in a much higher frequency space, which will probably get higher as we move farther into this space. Some people are calling this space the Photon Belt.

We will be able to see Ison as it comes closer to Earth in December. On New Year’s Day we will start out the year with a major cardinal fast-acting cross in the heavens. Uranus will be 8 degrees Aries, Jupiter 16 degrees Cancer, Mars 11 degrees Libra, and the sun will be conjunct the moon on 10 degrees Capricorn, along with Pluto and Mercury at 11 degrees, and Venus will be 26 degrees Capricorn. This means there will be five planets in Capricorn. Wow, what a cardinal cross that will be. Eight out of the ten planets will be in that cross. What a way to start a new year. Hold onto your hats because life is about to become even more interesting.  So Be It!   

Love, joy, and blessings to all of you!           *****Mahala Gayle*****

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Planet Alert December 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. It seems to be taking a long time coming, but I think and believe that more and more people are beginning to realise what they have. I feel there is something going on for the good of everyone and for our Mother Earth. We have so much and it’s time to give thanks for just being here and now.
    So thanks Mahala, for this text about gratitude.
    On my website (Netherlands) I have put a link to your site so together we can reach more people.
    Feel free to take a look at my website, it’s also in English because I was born there.

  2. It does seem like life in these times continues to get more interesting. Not always easy for the Earth and Her inhabitants. Shaking off the old, welcoming and integrating the new. Thank you as always for your great reports on the process we are in, Mahala. I wonder if, with the American Thanksgiving and the global Chanukah “Festival of Lights” conjoined for the first time in over a century, the gratefulness of Thanksgiving is being infused greater Light to upgrade the energetic patterns in the U.S.A, which have become so highly divisive and disruptive.

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