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Spring Equinox 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! We are fast approaching the Spring Equinox. This has always been considered the Astrological New Year. I think this is when the New Year should start because it is spring, at least in the northern hemisphere. This is when the Earth starts to wake up from a long sleep and the trees start to bloom and flowers start getting ready to put on their show of beauty. Spring is a beautiful time of year.

The Spring Equinox sets the stage for months to come. It starts with the sign Aries which rules new beginnings. Because Uranus and Mercury are both in Aries, along with the Sun. We will be experiencing many storms with snow, rain, winds, or lightening. At least during the time period when Uranus and Mercury are traveling together, which lasts for about a month or so.

Aries is a fire sign and this causes more fire events to happen like fires, volcanic eruptions, or it could activate the passion within us, which is fire. Uranus rules wind, lightening, revolutions, and high technology like computers, the Internet, cell phones, and other electronic toys. Uranus will be in the sign of Aries for seven years. This will bring a lot of new technology to the foreground. There will be inventions beyond your wildest dreams that will come forward for the benefit of humanity.

We just experienced a full moon on March 8, 2012. Then we had the largest solar flare since December of 2006. For a flare to hit our magnetic field at the same time as a full moon, it became a major event. It was time to release anything that showed up to be released.  How did you experience this full moon? I had to look at my abundance issues again. I know other people who experienced the same thing. Hopefully I released the rest of the energy concerning lack in my life. If other people experienced the same thing, and released their old thoughts about lack then we can look forward to abundance in the near future. I know one person who experienced much abundance with this full moon. I hope other people experienced the same thing.

Mercury is in the shadow period of going retrograde and actually turns on March 12. It will stay retrograde until April 4th with a shadow period after that for a few days. This is not a good time to have an operation, sign legal papers, or buy electronic things. If there is something that has been in the works for a long time that needs to be finished, or an operation that needs to be done, than it is alright to sign papers or have an operation, although I still wouldn’t buy anything electronic until Mercury goes direct.

Mercury turns retrograde in Aries which will activate the movement of this cardinal (fast acting) sign.  Then we have Mars retrograde, which is making an aspect to Jupiter. This means there is a strong war vibration occurring right now; look at the violence in Syria and the challenge between Israel and Iran.  Jupiter is activating the Middle East and this area will continue to be activated until June of 2012.

The opposite side of the world that is being affected by Jupiter is the West Coast of the United States. There have been several events since Jupiter went into Taurus. In August of 2011 there was an undersea volcanic eruption off the Oregon Coast. Then on September 9, 2011 there was a 6.8 quake on Vancouver Island. Then there was a 6+quake off the shores of southern California. There have been several 4+ quakes in various places along the coast. There is the possibility of another large quake somewhere along the coast in the next three months.

The Sun will square Pluto on March 29. This will be a strong aspect because of the eclipse that happened last year in July of 2011, with the Sun on 9 degrees Cancer. Pluto will be on 9 degrees Capricorn (the opposite sign) triggering that eclipse until the end of May.  When the tornadoes happened in the Midwest on March 2nd it was because of Pluto being on 9 degrees Capricorn triggering that eclipse degree, and the moon was over that area.

That July eclipse activated the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast and that is where the tornados occurred. The opposite side of the world that is being triggered by Pluto is China and they just had a large 6+ earthquake. Look for more events in China and the surrounding areas. It depends on the declination of the planet where an event will happen.

Solar eclipses set up energy in a certain area where the Sun happens to be, and when a planet comes along and triggers that energy, events happen. A solar eclipse is not a one day event. They can be in effect for a long time, sometimes years.

Pluto is considered the God of the Underworld, or the transformer. I like to think of Pluto as the transformer, which is what Pluto seems to be doing right now as it transforms the banking system. The last I heard there have been more than 200 bankers who have resigned in the last couple of weeks. Pluto is a very important planet right now because it is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn (a karmic planet). This is why the dark controllers are in hot water right now and in the process of losing their power.

The moon’s north node has been going through Sagittarius for the past year and will be there until the end of August. Sagittarius rules the banking system so according to astrology we should be well on the way to a new banking system by August, or maybe sooner. We need a whole new financial system.

I know many light workers who live on the edge, and that is a very stressful way of living. Maybe there is another way of looking at abundance because light workers are always taken care of. They always manage to have a place to live and food to eat. Maybe we have done a wonderful job of creating what we need; the challenge is creating abundance so we can do what we choose to do like travel, etc. I believe we are getting ready to move into the energy of abundance.

When the old system finally falls and the new one comes in, we will start experiencing a whole new way of life. We will be able to create more healing centers, or places to get together to talk and share our wisdom, heal ourselves, or do whatever we want to do. Let’s become beacons of light so everyone can see our light and become enlightened. It takes only one little candle to light a dark room. I would like to thank all of you for helping transform the world to one of love and light.             So Be It!           

I send you my love!               Mahala Gayle   

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  2. Mahala,
    I love your inspiration and groundedness. Do you resonate
    with this guys saying that 188 days as we move into the
    Leo constellation with ……..there will be a 9+ earthquake
    moving the axis 5 inches in the Pacific Ocean. It was on
    rumor mill news and he has sent out press releases. He asl
    mentioned that harp would stir up 4.5 earthquakes on that
    center several days before. This sounds like fear mongering
    which I don’t go with. What is your take on all this ? He
    used the astrology of the last 188days and the fukishima quake.
    Thanks Sara

  3. I meant to say that June 1-2 may be key dates for earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest — with Jupiter in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio.

  4. Good article, Mahala! For the Pacific Northwest, looks like June 1-2 are key dates, as the moon is in Scorpio then.

  5. This is not I live here in Washington, and wondered if you know of anyone who does Birth Charts and progressions?

    Thank you,

  6. I recently found your web site. Every thing you said matches what I am experiencing. I needed to address abundance, too. I believe released my issues with it by seeing money as an elemental. I saw her as a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old.

    Also, as a first wave light worker I was able to visit the 13 th dimension, platinum, during a meditation. It was wonderful to hear all of our voices. There is no problem understanding, because I heard it all in English. Each had their accents but it was all translated for me. Love to all, peg

  7. I LOVE when I get your astrology reports, and good interview with James on BBS!

    Much Love,


  8. Greetings, Mahala Gayle:

    Thank you for sharing your planetary astrological insights with us. You are the 1st I’ve encountered that broadly addresses planetary activity. It’s wonderfully enlightening! Also enjoyed the info on light workers. This is my greatest desire – to not only share the light, but help to awaken those who are unaware of who they truly are; and, yes, to traavel. My bags are packed; just wairing for the gate to open. It seems I’ve lived on the edge my entire life, and I have always been taken care of. My vision is that is’s all ok, but reality is always a little close for comfort. Perhaps the key is not to look back, but continue to look forward.

    God bless you.

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