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Planet Alert February 2012

The year of the Dragon

We are in the great year of the Dragon. There has been a lot of publicity about the year of the Dragon although there is much more to it than people realize. The Chinese calendar goes back for centuries and so do the Mayan calendars. There is a very symbolic meaning to the Dragon.

The Dragon glyph is ruled by Neptune and represents unity, water, blood, primal mother, and is the source of life. Dragon is the Mother Goddess. Moving from the formless void into the waters of life, she is red like blood and magnetic. She is the psychic factor of bonding universes, the supraconscious of primal existence. She bonds in unity.

The Mayan glyphs tell the story of creation. The Dragon is the first glyph in the creation series. It talks about how the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The mother principle of water and form taking shape from the void were briefly attributed in Genesis to the Spirit of God upon the face of the waters. The first calendar glyph Dragon corresponds with the first act of creation in Genesis as a creative principle.

Only the Supreme Spirit, the great Self-existing Power, the Creator, the Seven-Headed Serpent moved within the abyss of darkness in the Naga Maya creation myth. In the desire to create worlds, seven intellectual commands were given by the Seven-Headed Serpent.

The gases that were scattered and without form were brought together in a swirling mass of energy. The gases were solidified and volumes were left on the outside from which water and the atmosphere were formed. Darkness prevailed and there was no sound because neither water nor atmosphere had been formed. The gases were separated; one part went to form the waters, and the waters covered the earth so that no land appeared anywhere. The gases that did not form the waters formed the atmosphere.

We just entered the year of the Water Dragon on January 23, 2012, and we just finished the Mayan calendar, as interpreted by Carl Calleman on October 28, 2011. We are now entering Unity consciousness. The seed was planted on November 11, 2011 when the whole world celebrated together. This year is the beginning of the age of Unity and the great year of 2012.

It’s the year of the great awakening, and it’s time for the light workers to come forward and take their place as teachers to help awaken the rest of the population. Can’t you just feel this new force that is starting to encompass the globe? I am really excited about what will transpire this year.

On February 3, 2012 Neptune enters its own sign of Pisces, which is a water sign. This planet will be dominant for several years. Neptune is the female Goddess energy and it rules gases, magnetic energy, and the Photon Belt. I think we have been feeling the energy from that photon belt since November of 2011. This is really high frequency energy and everything manifests really fast because of that.

Neptune has been on the last degree of Pisces since February of 2011. This planet moves very slowly. The last degree of Pisces is the degree of the moth becoming the butterfly. Isn’t that what last year was all about? We were really forced to look at our belief systems and decide what to keep and what to throw out. Don’t you feel like a new person who is really ready to face anything that may happen? Light energy is coming in so strong that the heaviness is starting to leave. I feel much lighter in my body. It’s like a big load has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I think there will be many changes this year on all levels. As more people wake up they will be questioning what in the world has been going on in our world. They will say “I don’t like what I see and it’s time to change my thinking”. All of the darkness that was brought to the surface last year, like the banking scandals, the laws passed to try to control us, and a lot of other garbage, had to surface so everyone could see what has been going on in our world. Many people started to rebel against what was happening and I think this will continue to happen. With Uranus in Aries the energy for freedom is bound to surface and get very strong. We are in the time of the great awakening.

Some people say the earth will be destroyed this year. This is not my understanding. Our earth has been here for a long time and I think it will continue to be here for a long time. However, I think we will evolve into a higher frequency earth where love and peace will manifest by the end of this year, hopefully.

I have heard from different Remote Viewers that there is a wall of light at the end of this year that they can’t see beyond. I think the reason they can’t see beyond December 21, 2012 is because we will be on a higher frequency earth, and until you reach that frequency you can’t see it. Unless the ones who control the world reach this frequency they will leave this earth plane because their bodies will not be able to handle the frequency.

The Bible talks about the New Heaven and the New Earth and how beautiful it will be. For me this is a fact because I saw it in a vision way back in the eighties. That vision has been what has kept me writing my articles all these years because I want everyone to experience the New Earth.

The Sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius right now and have you noticed how many wind storms there have been around the world? We had a major snow and ice storm in Seattle and the surrounding area last week. Then the winds came. We had gusts of 50 miles per hour in my area and a lot of people were without power. We were lucky we didn’t lose our power, but our cable connection was disrupted and we were without phone service, Internet and TV for a couple of days.

There will be a lot of events happening this year, and one of the largest events will happen on May 20, 2012 when there will be a solar eclipse with our Sun lined up with our central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System. This is the ending of a major cycle that has been in affect for 25,920 years. I think we will be starting a new cycle of Love, Unity, and Abundance. Venus rules Taurus, and there will be a major Venus transit on June 5-6 when Venus eclipses our Sun. Venus also rules money.

Saturn is in Libra, which is the balance. We are now in the process of balancing the male and female principle together into one, which is unity consciousness. Don’t buy into the conspiracy theories and move into fear. Remember, it is all an illusion. Look at life as a movie. Create love and joy in your life and live in happiness.

I have more information about the Dragon and how it fits into our history but that will have to wait for another time. Anyway, we have a very interesting and exciting year ahead of us. As long as we think with our hearts we will be able to weather the many changes that will happen this year. And don’t forget that we are in the year of magic and miracles. So Be It!   

I love all of you!      ***** Mahala Gayle *****


I would also like to thank everyone who donated money for my new computer. It’s in the mail right now and should be here in a few days. Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!


Planet Alert February 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. It is my 51st birthday on May 20th, and I am hoping for some wonderful, joyful changes to occur. I feel the shift has already been set in motion for my journey!

  2. Mahala, I’m so glad I heard you on Chris Flisher’s show. You are an amazing psychic astrologer. I have to say that you were 100% right about the influence of Revelation on our times. In meditation, I saw Jesus on the throne with the image of Neptune reflecting back and forth over his visage. I noticed last year Jesus was on the throne and ruling from his heavenly kingdom. But with Neptune moving back home to the “fish”, he is large and in charge. As the Bible said, he comes quietly without notice. Most people will never know he has arrived. I hope many will be like those prepared bridesmaids and be ready for his return. The message is out loud and clear to Align with 2012 and release the old and embrace your spirituality. I keep working and sharing so that many more can be spared the hardships of not completing their journeys! So I am not surprised at what you say is occurring.I was fascinated by the photon belt as I have experienced several electrical disruptions to my electronic devices – completely unexplained and random. I also find it quite interesting, this solar eclipse event on May 20th. That is my birthday and I was born on a solar eclipse. I hope that means expansion for my projects. I’ve been told it’s time. Blessings to you and for your continued success!

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