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Presenting – Mahala’s Participation in The Human Odyssey

Hi All, 

Dave here. Hope you’re all having a great holiday season and that you’re visited by the spirit of grace more than once! If you’re not feeling so fortunate, you can manifest this energy yourself – for grace is an inherent human trait that we are all gifted unlimited amounts of. It is yours to give. It starts in your heart and spreads though your earthly actions as a gift to the world. If you focus just a little energy on it, you’ll get to observe its function in others! It always comes full circle.

But that’s not why I’m here on Mahala’s blog today. As many of you know, the energies that came her way earlier this month left her without a functioning computer, which makes it hard to interact on the web – but they made it easier to heal and relax. Which is what she did.

Now the energies are changing again and there is the need to announce her participation in “The Human Odyssey: A Hidden History Conference” that is scheduled for the fourth of February. What’s fun about this announcement is that is comes before much of the infrastructure is setup. In a couple days (or more), we’ll update everyone when the registration is open.

For now, I’ve included a copy of the flier (below) and I’ve created a page titled “The Human Odyssey” along the top of the blog (link).



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