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Illumination In Time

By Mona Delfino

I recently came back from Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, and already several people wanted to hear more about what this was all about, and WHY I felt the need to go there. In this article, I chose to share some very special sacred information with you because we are all in this together, and also, you are very important in this time we are in. So grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, sit back…and enjoy!~~

When I was a child, I somehow always knew that my life would be based on a series of “callings” in the world from Spirit. I was 15 when I traveled to American Samoa with a singing group… there I learned of my first “myth and legend”. When the chaperone from Samoa took 8 of us kids up to the mountain to share the story of how the turtle and the shark came into play, it blew my mind!! She explained that a grandmother and a granddaughter had made an agreement that if one passed away before the other, the other would soon follow…one becoming the turtle, the other the shark. She then explained that this really happened and over the cliff they both ended up, where the waves crashed on the mountainside about 75 feet below. She said she would begin to sing a Samoan song to call them in. She politely asked us not to point or use cameras during something like this. Needless to say, we were teenagers and a few of the kids would eventually point! When she hailed in the turtle and the shark, I actually witnessed it. A turtle showed as it swam in from afar in the ocean. Her song was intertwined with her offering of rose petals being thrown in to the water. Just then, as the turtle was coming in, a shark fin surfaced right behind the turtle. The shark circled clockwise around this huge turtle and my eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open! The next day, I had a near death experience from a sudden illness that occurred that spiked a fever within me of 106 degrees. The hospital in Pago Pago was exceptional and took very good care of me, even though when I woke up, I thought the Samoan doctor was God!

From that moment on, I was hooked! I continued singing with Young Americans throughout high school in the LA area, but within 2 years of graduation, I knew I needed to follow a path of a spiritual journeying. Next stop – Juneau, Alaska. I would become a Jesuit Volunteer and work with the elderly and the shut-ins.  During this time I received more training, this time with the Klinket Indians and their ways. I was humbled by the amount of generosity and truth these people carried. Soon after, I met my now ex-husband and joyfully had my beautiful children! When my girls were 4 and 1 year, we moved to Oregon where again, I was being called. I became a nurse and worked with the elderly, GP, and eventually, Neurology. One day in 1988, I helped admit a man who had just been in a car accident and in a coma. I realized he was different than other patients. He caught my attention when I saw he was 33 years old that day and no visit from the family. He had spiked a fever of 106, so I was in his room changing towels regularly. This one evening I went in his room to do vitals, when I was sent out of my body and stood before him in an etheric sense we were facing each other and his question to me was, “Mona, what am I to do now?” Of course, I became freaked out and jumped back in my body. I did, however, follow him until the day he passed because he had become a teacher to me. That is what started my true healing career.

As time continued, and my kids were growing up, my work became much more intense and Intuitive knowledge continued to get stronger. I worked on 8 people a day 6 days a week for 15 years.  I saw humanity changing and learning in my own healing space, and knew that diseases were conditions.  I began to see patterns in conditions of the people I worked on, and then energetically ”read” what a diagnosis actually was. In the best term I can sum that up in, we are very capable of healing as long as we are able to clear memory, understand the cause, and desire to heal.

Since then, I have studied in Hawaii with the Kapuna, mastered Lomi and the spirit of true Aloha, and accepted the power of change and helping others heal. I became enthralled with Pele, the volcano Goddess and learned to listen to her messages.

The land is not only Sacred, but alive with humanities past. Just like a person who has had multiple traumas and needs the help to move through a condition or even an emotional disorder, the Earth has been asking for our attention. Many people today realize this now, thank goodness, and my prayer is that this recognition continues. In the meantime, I was called again, this time to New Mexico, to help clear the patterns in the land called Chaco Canyon.

You can find a lot of info on the importance of this land on Google, and YouTube. I recommend the video with Robert Redford narrating if you choose! The petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, structures, etc. are amazing by themselves, but what caught my attention was the knowledge the Chaco Indians had with the Sun and the moon…obviously a geographical alignment from within their own race.

Here is how I knew I was being called to do a ceremony in Chaco Canyon. One morning in June as I was sitting on my deck meditating in a quiet moment, I heard and saw a date and time…August 24th, 2011 at 11 a.m. As I looked into this from within, I discovered that was the day and time I was to be in Chaco Canyon. This time, EARTH herself was calling for my attention. So I picked up the phone and called my dear friend Mahala Gayle, an incredible astrologer who finds any necessary information related to a specific question. She explained that in one moment, there were 4 signs of Goddess energy emerging, that something deeply hidden would be uncovered, and basically, the (really) Old is coming out and the New must enter in. The Sun would be 1 degree Virgo, which meant that it would be very prominent… and myself being Virgo, it was meant to be.

Needless to say, that was enough for me to create this trip and bring my friends to hear and support this change I would be contributing in.

My 3 woman friends who knew me so well, and wanted to come join in this ceremony, contributed something very special as well. Each had their own reason for coming with me. What we had noticed was that the 4 of us women represented the 4 directions, the 4 elements, and the 4 seasons. We had prepared a ceremonial bag the day before filled with crystals, rattles, drums, flower essences, feathers, and a ceremonial shawl. We stayed in Cuba the night before, which is a town about 1 1/2 hours away from Chaco. That night, we had asked for the guidance to help us in this momentous time. I began to channel information that was for all of us, each of the women received personal information. There was no doubt that this was a Divine mission. We were told that this was a time that humanity had requested from thousands of years ago, and that as an ancient myself, I can vouch for this. I knew that even though when people do ceremonies, they think they control the outcome, this had nothing to do with that. Thinking that you are controlling an outcome is egotistical to some form, and it is very important you have none of that during something so sacred. So what were we doing? Where would this lead us?

The next morning we drove to Pueblo Del Arroyo as our destination. During this short drive, I felt my body being “pinged”, as if I was being opened in my organs. My kidneys, adrenal glands, up my spine, and then my entire chest had felt like there was nothing physical there. I was also able to feel everything around me totally. As we parked, my feet didn’t want to work. I had to make them leave the car. Left foot hit the pavement, and immediate tears and sadness began. I found myself uncontrollable sobbing until I had to go down to my knees. There was no physical pain. I had been comforted by my dear friend who is Native American. I felt her words began to heal the sadness, even though it wasn’t English. I stood and began to walk toward our destined site, with the ladies following. We set up a few things to begin the ceremony. Still not aware of what words would come out of my mouth, or done afterwards, we continued. The Sun was as bright as you could imagine while the canyon walls were waiting patiently. The ladies took their stand, and away we went. The ceremony started with toning and humble prayer. This prayer, however, had its own life. It was bringing in the gratitude of the past, the present and the future. The ancients were acknowledged as well as the sky people. The Animal kingdom, the rocks, the birds… a hawk had flown over to listen as we found out. I grabbed my crystal and rattle, as though it was pre-arranged. More toning that sounded as though I had developed a 30 acre voice, with haunting echoes sounding back from the walls themselves. I began to see images and visions. A raven spoke of the pain the people felt, a Lion had come to lay down as a lamb ran after and curled up in his belly area. I saw a clock pointing at the Sun. The hand of the clock was an arrowhead. It was moving clockwise until it reached the 12. When it did, a long arrow was pointing up, taking the place of the arrowhead. It was almost at the 1 of the clock. I felt immediately this was significant of the old to the new, and that the long arrow was showing us we have started the 5th Dimension in this world. We were also informed that, yes, the Earth is already birthed. We were taking her hand and helping her to stand, which later I found was shown to the world through the earthquakes the day before. She was getting ready to stand.

She stands now. I do not know all of the outcomes, as that is not my job. However, I do know that all changes now will be for the best and highest good, mostly within ourselves. I am reminded of my dear friend’s statement.  John Jay Harper said “If 6,000,000,000 people could all begin to see the importance of who they really are and what they can accomplish, just think what kind of world we could have??”

I send you my love, my heart, and ask that you keep in mind these times are essential for the New Beginnings our Earth is ready for… therefore, so shall we be ready. Personally, we are all becoming more “illuminated”… no matter how it feels. It’s based in energy and magnetics.  Keep personal with people you meet and smile when you can~   All is well!   Mona~


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