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Be Like A Child~

Guest article by Mona, You can find more of her thoughts here.

When we were little, the concepts and ideas of “play” were usually a priority in our worlds. As children, we wondered who WOULDN’T want to be shining their excitement by expression of laughter and adventure?? When our parents seemed tired or irritable, we wondered what was the matter? Most likely, our first thought was “Did I do something wrong?”

Emotional memories have dictated an outcome that in some cases, has turned into an insecurity. These insecurities have created a pattern of behavior that, later in life, has left us wondering why things seem so difficult or unstable.
In the times we are in today, we pretty much are all on the same page that we are experiencing challenges on a deep level, and also a global level. Most of us just want to crawl back under the covers and forget the nagging emotions that don’t seem to let up except for a casual day here or there. Yet, we keep wondering what is happening, and what in the world can we do about it.

As a Medical Intuitive who sees through energy with energy, I can help out with this for the ones who keep asking the question…”What the heck is going on and how long will this continue??”

If you realize that our world has been dominated for thousands of years by those in “control”.. you will begin to see that every single form of that is falling, shifting, changing, loosening, and eventually, resurrecting. Nothing will ever be the same again. When people say that the economy will “come back”, I say… No. It will not come back in the way we have lived, mainly because our world can no longer take the higher/ lower concepts that ran it (us) for millineums. There has always been control vs submissiveness in our world. Some people have used the term “sheeple.” Now we are stepping into an advanced frequency on our planet that encourages our growth…individually and globally.

We, as a Human Race, are being given a gift. A gift of freedom into unity. (Oneness, if you will.) These exchanges of energies that form and create a consciousness are now open wide for us to hold and mold as time continues. Connection to each other, connection to our bodies, a new perspective on what illness and health are… are the ticket to a more expansive, more productive life for all of us to join hands in and celebrate. Being held down by the way our past has run the system of life itself, has truly prevented our success as a global community.

Our individual bodies are experiencing shifts in and throughout itself…. not knowing what to do with these new sudden aches, pains, nerve sensations, etc. Yet, without these, the body would not be able to express itself towards your inner awakening. We must begin to change our perspective to “nothing is wrong”, and that if our system wants to express to “let out” the old, we must allow it. That’s number 1. It’s our thinking that has wrapped these symptoms into a diagnosis… rather it being a way to release the part of us that’s fed up with the way we used to handle our lives and our children’s lives. Today, we are experiencing the release so we may learn to love that deeper part of ourself. The “real deal” within us that has nothing to hide. In Hawaiian, we call this “Pono.” (True to Self)

If we can conceive of this in a way that says, “you’re really OK”… and then believe it, we will see strides of balance come to the surface in our every day life. We can feel lighter by not holding on so tightly to the the past way of thinking.

The bible quotes Jesus saying, “You must become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” I would say that is exactly where we are today. We are becoming children of a Golden Age that can laugh and share who we are on every level without feeling intimidated, lesser than, or disqualified. The days of submissiveness are gone. Our voice matters, and our real self chooses to be itself once more.

So give yourself the “go ahead” to become more, and not only Your world will change, but Our world will change!

Here’s to US!! ~ Blessings and Abundance ~ Mona


Be Like A Child~ — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Mona,
    So pleased to read your words of wisdom! I said these very words to a friend today and tapped (EFT) the words of deeply loving and accepting myself. A true healing is taking place in the world, as you mentioned. Would you give me permission to put what you have written on my website and translate it into Portuguese? I live in Brazil and work as a holistic therapist.
    Blessings of Love and Light,

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