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Healing When 2 or more are gathered..

Guest article from Mona for you to enjoy!  If you want to comment on it, see her website for the article.

Healing “when 2 or more are gathered..”(September)

Recently, I have been asked  by many clients to help explain more about the Sacred Language of the Human Body. This is the title of my book, however,   people are eager to “peek in” on information of this  fabulous vehicle that has so many facets of connection!!  So of course, I would truly enjoy giving you this information from the standpoint of LOVE…

When we remember that Jesus quoted, ”Where 2 or more are gathered”, we will have the key to absolute healing!!  ( He didn’t specifically say that, but I did! ):) By  knowing that , we might be able to even comprehend that even the Universe heals itself when it acknowledges it’s own memories!  Let me explain… when Jesus said “where two or more are gathered”, he didn’t say the word “people.” It’s funny how our minds automatically think, “where 2 or more “people” are gathered.” That is so also, however, it is much bigger than just people. It’s everything!! In my work with Vibrational Healing, the concept and action of the work comes from recognition. As I read the energy of a muscle…and even Physical Therapists will tell you that muscle has memory, I bring back either a memory or an emotion locked into the body that verbally will reflect back to the area of pain, etc.  The Truth of it is recognized, as it is being held and energy is feeding the pressure point . The allowance of release through vibration of acknowledgement is like a “Big Bang” concept. Within seconds, the muscle lets go and becomes painless… or shifted. ( and much softer!)

Once the body has the permission to hear the Truth, it is really “set free!” We just need to allow ourselves time to heal and change the perceptions we once held. Self esteem is a very big part of healing because most of what we hang on to is the IDEA that we needed to either protect ourselves, or have found some insecurity to exist, which in Universal law, doesn’t hold up in court.

What we can do in this time of Mercury in retrograde ( until the 12th of September) is examine ourself in a quiet moment, and with all the wonderful quotes out there today, take advantage of the feelings associated with an enlightening word or phrase. That helps in hearing or reading…journaling is also very good. In 25 years of doing energy work in many different ways, I’ve found that insecurity is the number 1 root, or cause, of conditions held in the body.

In my next article, I will share the SACRED LANGUAGE that the body wants you to know to help associate a reason as to why that back just won’t heal, or why one side is more tough than another, etc.

Remember that you are your own best friend, and loving yourself is not only a “feel good” thing to say, it actually is the way of healing…. then sharing your life with others becomes bountiful throughout!!     Love, Light, Blessings and Truth~~~      Mona*


Healing When 2 or more are gathered.. — 3 Comments

  1. Aloha Mona,
    Enjoyed your article very much. Are you still in Hawaii? I’d like to reconnect with you. There has been many shifts in my life and feel that you’ve contributed to some of them.

    In Gratitude, Agape” Love, Joy……..Petronila

  2. Hello dear friend. I really enjoy reading your messages. Thank you very much for your beautuful work. I would like to buy your book “The Sacred Language of the Body”. What do I have to do?

    Many Blessings to you,


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