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Planet Alert for September & October 2007

September is finally here and this is the month I have been waiting for since September 13, 1993. That was the day a peace treaty was signed between Bill Clinton, Yassir Arafat, and Yitzhak Rabin that brought peace to Israel for seven years. Then in September of 2000 the great tribulation started in Israel. Now we are in September of 2007 and have reached the end of this last seven year time period. The Bible prophecies are almost over.

We are in the time period when the 12 wings and the three heads of the eagle control the world. This prophecy is in the Apocypha, which was one of the books taken out of the Bible. The 12 wings are the European Union and the three heads are the United States, China, and Russia. There is a battle going on behind the scenes right now between the Federal Reserve Bank and China for control of this world. Whoever controls the money controls the world.

Then we have Valdimir Putin flexing his muscles and ordering his pilots to fly the skies with their planes that may or may not have nuclear bombs on them. Putin likes power and he likes to control things. His Mars is on 26 degrees Sagittarius and Pluto is sitting on that degree right now which means do not anger this person because he could become aggressive. Mars is on a military degree and he might feel like he has to fight for his survival. If Bush decides to attack Iran, watch out for the consequences, and what about Pakistan and Afghanistan? They are a power keg ready to explode.

The Bible prophecies relate to the events that the dark side of man has created for himself, which is the One World Order under the influence of the controllers. Are you aware that the USA is subject to the laws of the UN? This was quietly set up in September of 2000. This is something else that needs to be transformed because control will soom be coming to an end, possibly before the end of this year, although the Earth changes will continue and escalate because the world needs to be cleansed of all its pollution.

To be safe as these changes transpire we need to walk into a higher vibration world. The New World is on a higher frequency and is beautiful. To get there we need to walk through the Stargate of the Lion to get to the age of the virgin. This gate opened on August 21, 2007. We entered this Stargate when the Sun, Saturn, and Regulus were conjunct in the heavens.

My friend Lee Chin experienced a TIA (short circuit to the brain) when this Stargate opened and she was semi-conscious for four hours. All of her phones, except one, were knocked out, and her office TV was fried. I experienced the same energy in a little different way. My living room light fixture was fried, along with my wrist watch. Now that this doorway is open are you ready to walk through it into a new creation?

September will be quite a month with lots of activity. Are you prepared for all the changes that will occur this fall because they will be fast and furious? According to a channeling by Meg Blackburn, we are about to experience a breach in the fabric of creation. This will create a void which will let much light into our bodies and we will experience a rewiring of our system. Our particulates are about to be rearranged on September 14 at 6:02 AM EST.  Check out her article on the web site.

I received an email that says Yeshua will return on September 13, 2007. This article was written by Paul Sides and you can find it on It also says that September 13, is the Islamic Ramadan, which is when the savior of Islam is pictured as coming. Maybe they should say that the light returns on September 13-14 and fills our bodies as it rewires our system.

The Jewish New Year starts on September 13, 2007. Then Yom Kippur, called the Day of Judgment is on September 22, just before the fall equinox. This will be a very powerful time period. The Harvest festival starts on September 27, which is a 9-9-9 vibration. This festival is considered a very happy, joyful, celebration and it lasts for several days. Will our rewiring process make us happy and want to celebrate? Time will tell!

Saturn moves into Virgo on September 2, 2007. It will be on zero degrees Virgo which is mother energy. The Sphinx represents the turning point from the age of Leo the Lion, into the age of Virgo, the goddess. For the last 1,260 years we have watched Regulus, the royal star of the lion move through the constellation of Leo.

The Sphinx represents the head of a woman (Virgo) and the body of a lion (Leo). For eons of time the Sphinx has stood there waiting for this particular time in space when we would enter the age of the Virgin.

We have been in the beginning stage of the Goddess energy since July 11, 1991. At that time there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico City, and this is when Regulus moved onto zero degrees Virgo. This is when we moved into what is called the Sixth Sun according to some Mayan prophecies.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is the sign of the Goddess. That July eclipse was when space ships started appearing over Mexico City, and they continue to appear all over the world. The masters of light have returned and it’s just a matter of time before there is open contact.

The Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007 finds a mutable cross in the heavens (mother cross). The moon is opposing Uranus which is the planet that rules change. The Sun is in exact opposition to Uranus on September 9th right after Venus (the Goddess Planet) moves direct. This is a very important date because it is also the 9th day of the 9th month in the 9th year. Nine is the number of completion. It is also a universal number which encompasses everything.

On the eclipse day of September 11, the Dreamspell glyph is the Red Planetary Dragon which is ruled by Neptune. This planet is a higher manifestation of the Goddess energy. It’s like the higher consciousness of Venus. Neptune was also the first planet created in our Solar System, which was a long time ago. The Dragon Glyph says “I perfect in order to nurture and I seal the input of birth. With the planetary tone of manifestation, I am guided by the power of universal water.”

This eclipse chart is very powerful and will bring lots of changes to our planet. The planet Mars is on 21 degrees Gemini and the United States Mars is on 20 degrees Gemini. George Bush has his node (his destiny as a war president) on 20 degrees Gemini along with his Uranus. He could become very angry with this aspect and do something crazy like start another war, or maybe there will be another 9-11.

Something totally unexpected is about to happen. If he does start another war, I’m sure that action will take him out of power, because people will stand up and say, no more war. This planetary aspect will be very critical for him.

The super powers are flexing their muscles right now, and Russia has resurrected their nuclear bomber flights. Russia has signed a pact with China and together they want the United States to fall. Sounds like the end of prophecies to me. I was told many years ago that there will not be a major nuclear war but there could be a limited one like a terrorist attack.

If someone starts a nuclear war our space friends will neutralize it. Or maybe Mother Nature will interfere with their plans with some large earthquakes in various parts of the world. There will be lots of earth quakes this month because Virgo is an earth sign.

The planet Pluto is over the longitude line of the Mississippi River and has been stationary over that area for some time now. This is why there has been so much activity in that area. Katrina was under that vibration and that was two years ago. This year the bridge in Minneapolis came down. That was right next to where I grew up and I am very familiar with that area. There continues to be large storms in the states that are close to the Mississippi River. These storms will continue.

Pluto pulls in the energy from the Galactic center right now and this is very powerful energy. With Pluto stationary over that area and Jupiter fast approaching, it would not surprise me to see a large earthquake on the New Madrid fault.

I said many months ago that this would be a hot dry summer with lots of fires in the areas ruled by fire signs, and lots of water and storms in the areas ruled by water signs. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto have been in fire signs and Uranus is in the water sign of Pisces where it has been since 2003. Pisces rules ships, water, fish, and the oceans. Uranus will stay in that sign through 2010, which is the end of the Kali Yuga, and maybe the earth changes. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2010-2011, we start a new cycle.

In the beginning of 2008 we will find the planets Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is an earth sign and will bring lots of earthquakes. The time period from September of 2007 until the end of 2008 will be know as the year of the quakes.

Capricorn also rules governments, and big business. Look for changes in those areas. Pluto is the planet of transformation so we will soon see a whole new system of governing. The collapse has already started. I don’t think any of the people that came with George Bush from Texas are still in his cabinet, and today it was announced that Alberto Gonzales has decided to step down. Who is next?

Pluto has been in the sign of Sagittarius for a long time. This sign rules lawyers and the laws of the land. Notice how the Attorney General just resigned. It also rules schools, teachers, mountains, and the banking system. We have now reached a crisis in the battle between China and The Federal Reserve Bank for control of the world. Who will win? There could be a surprise factor as far as the money system is concerned.

At the time of the Fall Equinox we find the planet Mars in opposition to Pluto which is in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a very powerful aspect and will bring events to a climax. This could be the time the money system falls or changes, or it could bring an entirely new money system. It could also bring a new world leader to the foreground. Time will tell how it all works out.

Then from December 1-18, 2007 we find the planets Jupiter and Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. This aspect will bring a tremendous amount of light to Earth because Jupiter is a large planet. The festival of lights called Hanukkah starts on December 5th this year. Maybe this is the time we should celebrate.

The Sun will be moving through the sign of Asklepius at that time which is the 13th sign of the zodiac, and represents heart energy. Are you ready to live in a world of peace, love, light, and happiness? Remember, we create our own reality and our new job will be to create this beautiful new world.

So Be It!   I send you my love.


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Planet Alert for September & October 2007 — 1 Comment

  1. Hi there,
    Oct 2007 was a pivotal point in my life, one that has had many similarities to oct of this year for me, so much so that I’m finally trying to research the 2 and the energy of the planet on these dates, if you can fill me in on anything, please do.
    Much love & many blessings,

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