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Planet Alert for September & October 2006

What a summer! Does time move as fast for you as it does for me? One of the events that happened in my life this summer was a major forest fire close to our cabin in the mountains. This fire started Labor Day weekend. I’ve never experienced a wild fire and it is awesome and scary at the same time. It was burning about ½ mile from our cabin and encompassed over 900 acres.

The drama from the experience was intense. The good part of it is that many of the trees that burned on Davis Mountain were infected with a disease. As I am writing this article the fire is still burning but the danger to our cabin and other structures is over. The rains came on September 14 and they were able to get a good part of the fire under control. I know a lot of you helped with your thoughts and visualizations and I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much.

I created a big drama for all to see. The fire was started by lightning so I didn’t create that, although I was part of the drama. I realized that I was going through my fire initiation, along with all of you who jumped into my drama.

The fire initiation is a combination of mental, emotional, and physical challenges which have been going on for many people this past year. The fire initiation is the 9th and last before we move into being able to create what we choose to experience. This is why the timing for the movie The Secret is perfect. That movie teaches people how to create the reality they want to experience. Check it out! The web site is:

The book, The Path of the Soul by White Eagle, talks about the four main initiations of Air-mental, Water-emotional, Fire-learning that love is the answer, and Earth-starting to manifest what we want, not what our Astrology chart sets up for us to experience. Planets can cause either a positive or a negative manifestation; it depends on what we create with our thoughts.

The book by White Eagle says, “Now many people, although they have learned to control their emotions and have disciplined and trained their minds, remain imprisoned, unable to live in the world of spirit. It is as if they were shut in a closed room, or in an iron box, and their constant heart-cry is, how can I become free? No matter how I struggle, I cannot break my bonds! The reason for this state of bondage is that they are still striving through reason and logic to find their way out and this they will never do. The way to release your self from bondage is through simple love.” Love your self!  You are a great magnificent being. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Think with your heart, not your mind. We have three main brains; one is in our head, one in our stomach, and one in our hearts. The one in the heart is our connection to all that is. Fire is the flame that burns within our hearts and gives us life. When the flame goes out, we leave this Earth plane.

Now what are the planets doing? September has been a very intense month with two eclipses and the Stargate opening to higher frequencies. There is a point in space corresponding to 29 degrees Virgo that connects with a black hole in space that holds 27 galaxies in place. This is our source. On the Earth plane it corresponds to Stonehenge which was built on the holy land of Glastonbury, England.

Different pillars are forming for the new age. One pillar is forming in Glastonbury; a second pillar is forming between Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu in Peru, and a third at Mount Kailas in Tibet. Together these three huge sentinels of light are uniting Earth to the Heavens and are anchoring the higher vibrations of the Fifth World.

On the full moon eclipse of September 7, Mars was on 29 degrees Virgo which started the energy moving. Mercury was on that degree on September 12 and the black moon Lilith on September 13. The Sun made a 90 degree angle to Pluto on September 17.  This was powerful fire and transformation energy. According to an email I read, September 17 was the opening of the Stargate.

The Sun will be on that degree at the Fall Equinox which is September 22, along with a Solar Eclipse. September is the 9th month, and the fire initiation that many have been going through culminates on the fall equinox. The testing that started with the summer solstice, when there was a fixed cross in the heavens on 9 degrees, culminates now. It’s now time for all nine chakras to be active and for us to start manifesting what we choose to experience. It’s graduation time.

It’s very unusual to have a fall equinox and a new moon solar eclipse on the same day that lines up with source. The new moon eclipse on September 22 is at 4:45 am, PDT, and the equinox is at 9:04 PM.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan starts on September 23-24, and the Jewish New Year starts at sundown on September 22. Then their Harvest festival starts on October 6. This festival goes on for several days and is the celebration of the people of Israel being released from bondage. This is the same thing that happens at the fire initiation, you are released from bondage to your self.

Now is the time we can start to change the world for the better with our thoughts, prayers, and visualizations for the highest and best good for all concerned. It’s hard to change the world when you are angry, or caught in creating from your subconscious mind. It’s time to consciously create your life with thoughts from your heart.

Even though some of us have graduated to a higher frequency, Mother Earth still needs to finish her transformation. Mars (fire-violence) is in the sign of Libra right now and is affecting the Vatican. The planet Saturn is opposing Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto by declination. This equals a religious war which looks like it has already started because of the speech the Pope gave last week. Mercury and Mars are conjunct by declination and this brings angry words to the public like the speech the Iranian president gave yesterday to the United Nations. Jupiter is now activating Iran.

It looks like we will have to deal with some challenging situations from the Muslim countries. The planet Mars will start moving over the Middle East in October and we are again hearing the drum-beat of war. Pluto is stationary over Pakistan and Afghanistan and those countries are a powder keg ready to explode.

October and November will bring water events although 2007 will continue being a year of large fires. It will also bring more violence, wars, and volcanic eruptions. It will be a year to remain cool, calm, and collected as things happen around us. Watch your thoughts!

Lots of people were asking me what I thought of the down-grading of Pluto. I believe that the male Pluto stepped down so he could become co-equal with Ceres, the female goddess. Ceres is now the 5th planet from the Sun. We now have four dwarf planets. They are Pluto, Charon, Ceres, and UB313, also called Lila or Xena after the warrior woman healer on TV. Ceres is the Earth Mother and goddess of agriculture and brings food and nourishment to the people of Earth. She is the principle of unconditional love. She is associated with the sign Virgo.

It’s time to start using a 13 sign zodiac which includes the sign of Asklepius. The number 13 is the goddess energy. The recently discovered dwarf planet called UB313 (Xena) was discovered on Halloween night in 2003. This is the night of the celebration of the Hopi’s creator called Spider Woman. The Harmonic Concordance was going on that year on November 8, 2003. I wrote about Xena (Lila) in my article last September.

The symbol for Asklepius is a person holding a snake (Kundalini) in their hand with two feet on the elliptic. The Sun activates the first leg on the elliptic around Halloween, and the second leg in early December each year. It is a divided sign. There was a solar eclipse this year on March 29 with the darkness over the old site of Asklepius in Turkey. Thousands of people went there to watch the eclipse. This indicates to me that the sign of Asklepius will again become prominent.

A story from NASA says that every year in early December, something happens that can throw your horoscope out of whack. The Sun enters Ophiushus (Asklepius), the little-known thirteenth sign of the zodiac. When the Sun enters the zodiac’s thirteenth sign an interstellar wind hits our planet. It’s a helium-rich breeze from the stars, flowing into the solar system from the direction of Asklepius. The Sun’s gravity focuses the material into a cone and Earth passes through it during the first weeks of December.

We are in the age of the Goddess, the feminine love energy within everyone. We moved into that age on July 11, 1991 when there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico. We are in a 2,160 year cycle of Virgo, the virgin, and we are also in a cycle of Aquarius.

The ancients measured the sky by the fixed star Regulus, the royal star of the lion, moving through the heavens. Regulus is now out of Leo and is on zero degrees Virgo. The Sphinx is the sign that points to this period of time. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and head of a woman. It was built so we would recognize this time period. Now Ceres has been recognized as a dwarf planet to bring this to our attention.

I’ve always said that Jesus was a Leo and the master for the age of Leo. His only commandment was to love one another and your self. Mary Magdelene has become very popular because we are now in the feminine age. Virgo has been known to be ruled by Mercury which also rules Gemini. Now Ceres has made her presence known to become the ruler of Virgo, and Xena the ruler of Asklepius. That sign is Androgynous and will be honored as the balance between male and female energy.’

I’ve heard that creation was created by the number thirteen or the flower of life, which are six lilies along with seven circles. Among the American Indians number thirteen is held in great reverence. The Indians of the Yucatan also hold thirteen in high esteem, as their Snake Divinities are thirteen in number. The Mayans are looking for the return of their god Quetzalcoatl. We move into the cycle of his/her return in early November. This cycle lasts for one year.

It’s time to reconnect to the crystal light ray of the Cosmic Mother. This ray is held deep within the emotional body and is amplified through love. This crystal light ray has specks of gold and silver in it and is very beautiful. Crystals are Christ light in a solid form, and they have all colors of the rainbow in them. They sparkle in the purity of Christ light. There is a large crystal in the center of our Earth. We can connect to that crystal and tune into its soft, gentle, loving energy. This is the energy of Mother Earth.

So Be It!


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