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Planet Alert for July & August 2004

June was a very stressful month with lots of mental and emotional turmoil being felt by many. There were several meteors that exploded over various cities in June, and I heard on the Coast to Coast radio program that one meteor came down in California and started a wild fire. Towards the end of the month of June there were three asteroids that came very close to Earth.

We are still going through this dust cloud and more meteors and asteroids will be coming close to Earth. However, this cloud did not block out the light from the Sun so we have not experienced any darkness. The darkness may still be on the agenda of events to come. Time will tell.

In my last article I mentioned that the end of Bush’s power would come on June 24, 2004, and that this date would mark a turning point in history. At that time I did not know that the opening date of Michael Moore’s movie, called Fahrenheit 9/11, would open on June 25, 2004. This movie opened all across the United States on that day.

I think this movie will be very instrumental in waking up people to what has transpired since September 11, 2001. This movie is not very flattering to George Bush’s character and I think he will feel the repercussions from it. I think many people are very upset that he attacked Iraq without any good reason, and that so many of our soldiers were killed. There were also many innocent civilians killed and maimed. Millions of people demonstrated against the war in Iraq. This showed me that there are many people working for peace on this beautiful planet.

I am observing the part George Bush is playing in this great drama. He might be a great soul who chose to come here to play this part for the world’s benefit. Who knows! Would you like his job? I think we should honor and pray for him because of the part he is playing. He is causing people to look at their dark side so they can integrate that energy and
release all their fears.

The greatest lesson to learn in this solar system is the one of power and control. Before you can be liberated you have to pass the initiation concerning power and control. This lesson was Lucifer’s downfall. He wanted to control everything. Now we find ourselves in the midst of this great lesson. Our government is trying to control us big time. Do you want to live under restriction or freedom, it’s your choice. Freedom comes from within.

The planet that rules control is Saturn. This planet restricts, until the freedom of Uranus is obtained. Saturn is the planet of karma, which is simply the law of cause and effect. What you sow is what you will reap. Saturn also brings rewards when you are ready.

Now is the time when George Bush will have many challenges because what he has sown will come home to roost as Saturn continues aspecting his Sun. Saturn was exactly on top of his Sun in June, and they released the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Then, on July 8, the Sun was conjunct Saturn on top of his Sun. His birthday is July 6. This Sun/Saturn aspect will also be conjunct the USA Sun which is on 13 degrees Cancer. This means that the USA will also reap what it has sown, good or bad.

It takes Saturn approximately 29 or 30 years to move through the zodiac. In August of 1974, Saturn was on 13 degrees Cancer and president Nixon resigned. Now Saturn is back in the same spot. It will be interesting to see what transpires this time.

I have said in my past articles that Bush came in as a war president. This is because his node is conjunct the USA Mars and your node is your destiny. All year long the planet Pluto will be opposing Bush’s node and the USA Mars. This is not a good aspect for Bush or the USA. It causes power struggles involving political, professional or military action. Conflicts can arise over various issues and it can cause terrorist action. This aspect finally starts moving off in December of 2004.

This past full moon was very emotional for many people because Cancer is an emotional water sign. I could say there will be lots of rain this month although Mars is in the hot fire sign of Leo which may change the outcome. I think the outcome will depend on where you live. If your area is influenced by the water sign Cancer, like the East Coast is, you will have rain and storms. If your area is more influenced by the fire sign Leo, you will experience heat, drought, fires, violence, or volcanic eruptions.

On July 26 we start a new year according to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. The glyph for this year is the Blue Storm which is ruled by the planet Pluto. This means there will be lots of storms and natural disasters all over the world this year. The Blue Storm Glyph is over Hawaii and also affects the West Coast.

Activation of our DNA

The ancients considered the conjunction of Venus and Mercury at the time of the helical rising of Venus very important. The Venus/Mercury conjunction happened on June 12 -13 this year. The helical rising happened on June 14. This conjunction activated our three brains which are the reptilian, belly, and heart brains. This corresponds with our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and our superconscious mind. You could also call it body, mind and spirit. These three brains have now become one in those who were ready for the activation. This means that you can now think with your heart.

In order to think with your heart you first have to feel safe inside. If your nervous system continues to respond to fight or flight, you are not reconnected. We have had an immune system based on fighting within our bodies. Our white blood cells are sent out to fight the virus, bacteria, and foreign objects that invade us. This means we have been fighting a war in our bodies. Now we are on the verge of a whole new immune system that is based on all of the chakras being connected to the heart.

This new immune system will bring health instead of disease. I imagine there will be an integration period as those whose brains were reconnected adjust to the new system. Everyone will have the opportunity to move into this new system when they are ready. Some may not choose to experience it in this life time. Those who choose to live on the new Earth will manifest the new immune system.

Our heart is an amazing organ. Did you know that within the fifth chamber of your heart, in an air tight cell, there is a perfectly formed Divine Being. A doctor from Canada X-rayed the human heart and found a flame of light inside the fifth chamber. He X-rayed the flame three thousand times and in the flame he saw this Divine Being. It is a chamber separate from Matter, and no medical probing could ever discover it. It is the connecting point of the mighty crystal cord of light that descends from your God presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose and cosmic integration.

This flame is the Lord God of your Being. I have always prayed to the Lord God (male/female) of my Being in the inner chamber of my heart. I also fill my heart with the rose pink light of love, and feel this love flowing through my body filling all my cells. I then say I glow with the love of God. So Be It! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are several wonderful articles on the Crimson Circle web page. The one that caught my eye is the article for May, 2004. It is called ‘The Safe energy is the foundation for imagination’. This article is about how to feel safe on the inside and on the outside. You cannot think with your heart until you feel safe inside.

This article also talks about the unsafe energy that we have felt for so long. It says: “We know so often it has felt unsafe inside, the battles that go on in your mind, unsafe of even being in this physical body, wondering when it’s going to give out on you, when its going to betray you. In a sense you’ve hidden yourself away within yourself because it felt very unsafe inside. There are demons and energies there that seem overwhelming to you, it has been very unsafe on the inside”.

This article goes on to talk about how to feel safe on the inside and it also talks about how to create through your imagination and how to let your imagination soar to new heights. If you are interested in finding out how to create through your imagination, and how to become safe on the inside and the outside, read the article. The web site is:

We are living in a very exciting time period. We are being given the opportunity to become creators on a large scale. It’s time to start creating from our heart energy instead of our subconscious mind. It’s time to live in the Now! We are still in the process of working through the last chapters of Revelation. As soon as we become free and safe inside we will be living the new energy. We will then have a blank screen to create whatever we choose to experience. So Be It! I send you my blessings!


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