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Planet Alert for August 2003

Happy New Year! Today is July 26 and the first day of the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. This is the year of the White Wizard, which is ruled by the invisible planet Vulcan. This planet is invisible because it is either on a different frequency, or it is so close to the Sun that it can’t be seen. It’s orbit is between Mercury and our Sun.

There are several events that will transpire in August. The first event is the opening of the time tunnel on August 8. This time tunnel was first opened in 1943 by the Montauk experiment. This is the doorway that opened to let in a group of negative Ets. These Ets contacted our government and gave them new technology in exchange for experimenting on humans. Now the doorway is opening again, and I hear it’s time for them to go home. This means Earth will be on her own without negative ET interference although the Earth controllers will still be in charge. Can they handle this energy? Sometimes freedom causes chaos. This energy will be in effect from August 8-27. 

The next event is the full moon of August 12. This will be the four year anniversary since the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, which was the birth of Christ Conscious energy on Earth. The darkness from that eclipse started in England and went through the Middle East and ended in India. There has been much violence in those countries since that eclipse. The planets formed a cross in the fixed signs of the zodiac. This caused many people to feel like they were crucified because they have gone through so many challenges since then. Actually it has been a great opportunity to release old belief systems.

On November 8, the planets will form a Star of David in the heavens at the time of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is a feminine sign and this eclipse will accentuate magnetic energy. Planet X rules Ophiuchus (or Aesklepius) the 13th sign, which is situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This may be the time period when we hear more about Planet X.

In August the Sun is in the hot fire sign of Leo. Jupiter has been in that sign for the past year. No wonder there has been fires and drought in many parts of the world – the parts that are not being flooded by too much rain caused by Uranus in the water sign Pisces. Saturn is in the water sign Cancer, which rules the areas from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. They have had their share of rain and flooding. The opposite side of the world that is affected by Saturn right now is China.

This full moon will find the moon conjunct the planet Neptune, which will give energy to that planet. Neptune is an ancient planet. In fact, in the books “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, it says that Neptune was the first born of our planets. Neptune represents the female Goddess, and the color of this planet is light blue. Neptune is magnetic in nature which makes its energy soft and gentle.

The Earth’s magnetic field fell to zero on November 9, 1998. It stayed on zero magnetics for several hours, which means the Earth’s protective shield was down for a period of time. Because of this unprotected state, a seed from Father Sun was allowed to enter the core (or womb) of Mother Earth and the conception of a new energy took place. Nine months later on August 11, 1999, at the time of a total solar eclipse, a baby or new energy was born from Mother Earth. We have been nurturing this energy ever since then.

The actual birthing process started at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 28, 1999, when the Sun was conjunct Neptune. The energy that was born at that time was one of love. Although the Earth doesn’t feel very loving right now, the energy is there if we choose to manifest it.

Then in December of 1999 the Earth split into two Earths with a bridge between them. We have been on this bridge and walking between two worlds since then. I think the bridge is about to collapse, and those who are on one side will manifest the new energy, and those on the other side will continue along the path of war and destruction. Most people have made up their mind which reality they choose to live in. The separation has started.

There are still a lot of prophecies out there waiting to be fulfilled. Probably all of the prophecies of the past that were given have manifested on some level, although we were not aware of them happening because we were vibrating at a different frequency.

From my perspective, the Earth still has to finish her cleansing which will take a few more years. There will be wars, fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in various places. You do not have to experience these events if you are on the right frequency. You will be at the right place, at the right time, to experience what your soul needs for its growth, or you will be in your light body manifesting love and light so you do not have to experience violence and destruction. Why worry, fear and worry is a manifestation of a low frequency. Joy is a manifestation of a higher frequency. If you are manifesting a high enough frequency you can walk through fire without getting burned.

Because we are having a full moon with the Sun on the degree of Christ Consciousness and the moon conjunct Neptune, I am reprinting information from my Planet Alert of December, 1999. 

I would like to quote from a channeling by Karen Danrich. She says: “We wish to make our readership aware of the impending changes in Earth’s electromagnetic energy flow. In order to explain the origin of your current source of chi, which is electromagnetic in nature, we must delve into Earth’s history. Two million years ago, Earth’s energy was only magnetic in nature. Earth had a species of Dinosaurs upon her that were vegetarian in nature. Earth made an agreement that was the karmic fulfillment from an earlier juncture of Earth’s history to receive or take on Electric energy from Alpha Centauri. It was the diamond and gold kingdoms upon Earth that agreed to allow the electric energy projected from Alpha Centauri.

The electric energy was nonresonate with the nervous system of the Dinosaurs residing upon the Earth plane. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs, along with all other life forms upon Earth, were designed to run upon magnetic energy only. As Earth began to receive electrical energy from Alpha Centauri, the energy was far stronger than had ever been present upon Earth before. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs began to deteriorate, and within the process, they became carnivorous and began to eat one another rather than just subsisting off of the vegetation. Such carnivorous behavior can be considered violent in nature, so one could assess that electric energy in a magnetic system leads to violence.

Magnetic energy is a circular energy flow, electric energy is a straight energy flow. The straight flow cuts holes into the rotation of the chakras of the human auric field thus causing a deterioration of the subtle bodies leading to disease. Magnetic energy gently flows in a circular manner, it fuels the rotation of the particles around each atom, which sustains life.

A magnetic energy flow is directly related to the triple circle energy flow. Gradually, within a human ascension, all energy flow within the form is altered from either a figure eight or Mer-ka-ba (star of David) energy flow to the triple circle. The triple circle pattern is a magnetic pattern, and as such, is the pattern most conducive to the health and well being of humanity.

Beginning in July of 1999, the Earth Mother began to embrace the triple circle pattern in all of her major and minor chakras around Earth. Over time, all electrical energy will be detoxified from Earth’s embodiment altogether. They anticipate this will take approximately 10 years.

Electric energy is equivalent to fear, anger and pain. All biological programming that confines humanity to a third dimensional thought-form is based upon pain, anger and fear and is locked in with electrical impulses. As all electrical impulses cease upon Earth, there will be an opportunity for mass conscious awakening.”

We are moving one step closer to a mass awakening with this line-up of planets in Virgo/Pisces on August 27, 2003. Virgo is the sign of the woman goddess, and Pisces rules cosmic consciousness. With four planets plus the moon in Virgo, and two in Pisces, we will surely feel the magnetic energy from this line-up. What an opportunity to move into bliss, or to meet our brothers and sisters from space.

However, whenever there is a line-up of planets, it causes much stress on Earth, and due to this there will be many earthquakes, fires, storms, volcanic eruptions, violence, rebellions, and anger all over the world. Many people will express this anger so keep your cool. Mars will be retrograde in Pisces until the end of September, and Mars is very powerful in it’s retrograde phase. At the same time this planet will be conjunct Pluto by declination. Mars and Pluto deal with dark energy and control issues.

We are three years into the great tribulation which started in September of 2000, and lasts until the end of 2007. The tribulation started big time in Israel in September of 2000, and continues to this day. We are involved in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Liberia. North Korea and China are another challenge. It’s time for the Kings from the East to play their part.

The Bible says the Earth will be transformed by fire. Some people are looking for a major fire event. I believe this time period started when the planet Pluto (the transformer) moved into Sagittarius (a fire sign) in January of 1995. On December 20, 2007 the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto will be conjunct on the degree of the Galactic Center. I believe this signifies the end of the great tribulation.

The Bible says that a stone (asteroid) from heaven will cause much destruction on Earth. This is the ending of the 18th chapter of Revelation. According to a book I read by Hilarion, it says that at the midpoint of the tribulation, (which would be March 2004) an asteroid would fall into the ocean and cause large tidal waves.

Saturn, which rules rocks, is in the water sign Cancer so if this event is going to happen, now is the time for it to occur. I guess that is why we have been told to move inland away from the coasts, particularly on the East Coast because that is the area affected by Saturn for the next two years

I believe August and September will be very intense and explosive. It is very important to continue the process of releasing old belief systems from your consciousness, especially anger, so you can hold more light. We’re here to help this planet transform. Mother Earth knows who we are and she will keep us safe as she moves through her tribulation period. Walk softly on this beautiful planet. I send you my blessings! 

                         * Mahala* 

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