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Planet Alert for October 2002

Fall has arrived. Don’t you just love this season? The colors are gorgeous, at least in the northern hemisphere. I enjoy looking at all of the red, orange, and yellow trees. I also like the warm days and the cool nights, and the feeling of crispness in the air. Actually each season has its beauty. Earth itself is a beautiful planet. Why do people want to destroy this beauty? Maybe if we bless the Earth everyday we can change the energy of destruction to one of beauty.

As the world continues to change and evolve it may appear chaotic at times because negative energy is destroying itself, and this may work out as violence. Peace will come – it is on the agenda – although destruction may come first. I believe there are people who still need to experience war for their soul growth. When I pray for peace I always say for the highest and best good for all concerned. That way I am not interfering with anyone’s free will.

There are many people on Earth who think they are still living on the third dimension. It’s my understanding that the Earth first entered the fourth dimension on October 6, 1973, when Egypt attacked Israel and started the war of judgment. This was on their high holy day of Yom Kippur. When we first entered the fourth we were on the lowest level of that dimension. It has taken us this long to reach the higher levels of the fourth dimension.

I was told many years ago that when we moved through the fourth dimension things would become very chaotic. This was because everything that exists is on that dimension – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is where the alien controllers live. They have been working for years to completely control the Earth. Are we going to let them control us anymore? Isn’t it time for freedom?

We exist in the third dimension only by our thoughts, and belief systems. If we continue to hold onto thoughts from the past we are still in that dimension. It’s time to release any past memories, good or bad, if you wish to live in the now. When you release your good memories, state that you are only releasing the electrical charge from those thoughts. You can keep the feelings of love, joy, and happiness, that still exist with those events. The past is gone, and the future is not here yet. Live in the now in peace and happiness.

We have had three time lines since the time of Atlantis. A long time ago a comet hit off the coast of Florida and split the Earth into three different dimensions, or you could say three different Earths. Many people have integrated with their third dimension self. Now we need to merge with our fifth dimension self.

After the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the Earth decided to move into a higher dimension. In 1988 an atomic war happened on our third dimension parallel Earth, and negativity was destroyed on that planet. At that time our shadow self, from that Earth, started merging with our present bodies. This is when many people started working on releasing old thoughts and emotions from their energy field. It’s my understanding that this merging was complete for some people in January of 2002. This means the third dimension no longer exists for them because they are totally in the fourth dimension ready to move into the fifth.

Now we have two times lines left- the fourth and the fifth. The fourth dimension time line is getting ready to implode in on itself so we can move into the fifth dimension. Many events will happen to assist the Earth into this higher dimension. Negativity has to either destroy, or transform itself, in order for the light to manifest. This will probably manifest as war. You can help by releasing all thoughts of fear, anger, and control, so that your negative energy will not be added to mass thought. All is well in my world.

The fourth dimension is considered the psychic realm. Many people were born into the third dimension realm with a fourth dimension body. These are the people who are considered psychic. It is very nice to have mediums who can contact the psychic realm. However, now it’s time to move into the energy of the fifth and receive your own answers through your God self. Babies are being born now with fifth dimension bodies. They are the children of love. The fifth is a dimension of oneness, no more polarity.

Actually the oneness energy was first felt in March of 1994 when all of the black holes in this universe started emitting a new frequency. It has taken awhile for us to feel this new energy on Earth. Now for those who accept this energy, it is a reality. However, there are still a lot of people who are living in a polarity universe, and negative energy is what they will experience. They are the ones who buy into the fear that is generated by TV, and other media sources. Some people say it is a good idea to turn off, or unplug your TV. Have you ever noticed how quiet it is without a TV blaring in your ear? Maybe it’s time to enjoy some quiet, peaceful music. Gentle music is very good for the soul.

Once the Earth moves into the fifth dimension there will be no more control issues, or wars, because we will be in a different frequency and will be invisible to the lower dimension. Remember, peace is coming. It is promised in the 21 and 22 chapters of the book of Revelations. The 20th chapter talks about the downfall of the controllers. I hear that all alien controllers have been ordered off the planet by August 12, 2003. This will give us the opportunity to exist without their control. It may be a little chaotic at first as people realize that there are no more controllers. There may still be some people who choose to control others, although their control will be short lived when people wake up to what has actually been going on behind the scenes. Many people have already awakened and are angry at how they have been manipulated. They are the ones who are working for change.

I believe there will be a shifting of the dimensions before the end of this year. Some people will be on one dimension, and others will be on another. This has been a decision year for many because they are deciding which dimension they choose to live in. The higher dimension is a beautiful Earth where people live in peace and harmony. Your heart chakra has to be open in order to live in that dimension. The fifth dimension corresponds to the throat chakra, which is where we express love and creativity.

According to astrology a lot of things are happening in our solar system. Pluto is still moving through the sign of Sagittarius where it now resides on 15 degrees. There are black holes on 14 and 19 degrees of Sagittarius. Pluto has been sitting on the one at 14 degrees. Pluto is the transformer. According to Philip Sedgwick, who writes The Galactic Times, these black holes have been bursting out all over. He said that Australian astronomers noted that black hole GX 1630-47 renewed X-Ray activity on September 16 and 19. This black hole corresponds with the energy of no judgment.

Whenever a planet is on the degree of a black hole it increases the meaning of that planet and makes it very powerful. Being Pluto is transiting through Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, it brings to the forefront issues of fires, explosions, volcanic eruptions, war, and violence. This is the mirror we are looking at right now. It’s our choice how we respond to this energy. We can become angry at what is transpiring on Earth, or we can move into non judgment energy. This is the lesson we are facing right now. Judge not, least you be judged.

The planet Uranus is also activating a black hole that is on 28 degrees Aquarius. Uranus first reached 28 degrees in April of 2002. Now it is retrograde on 25 degrees. Uranus is the ruler of the new age of Aquarius. This is a very rebellious planet that demands freedom. All of October, November, December, and January, Pluto and Uranus will both be on 13 south declination. This is the same energy as a conjunction of the two

Pluto says that we need to transform into the new age of Aquarius, and we need to do it now. This in turn causes much confusion as the transformation process continues.

The veil around Earth is very thin during Halloween. A doorway is always open to a different dimension at this time. This year, in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, there will be a period of ten doorways which start opening on Halloween, and continue until November 9, 2002. This will be a very auspicious time period.

I was told many years ago that it would not be easy going through the fourth dimension. I was also told we would move through it very fast. If the Alien controllers only have until next year to exist on this planet we are fast approaching the end. I believe they will be off our planet by March of 2003, although others say August. I believe the seventh seal opens in February or March of next year.

The Bible talks about seals, trumpets and bowls. The first trumpet blew, and the first world war started. The second trumpet blew, and Pearl Harbor was the cause of the second world war. The third trumpet blew, and we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. The fourth trumpet blew in 1972 and the Sun would have destroyed us if the Sirians hadn’t put a shield of protection around the Earth. The fifth trumpet blew, and a person came out of the bottomless pit to rule over many. This person came to power at a place called Abaddon, which is on the Euphrates River. I believe this is referring to Saddam. Then the sixth trumpet blew, and the four angels who were bound at the great river Euphrates were released and the whole world gathered together to attack Iraq in 1991. This war has been ongoing since then, and we are now approaching the finale of the sixth trumpet. The seventh trumpet is the rule of God on the fifth dimension Earth.

Some people have a different interpretation of Revelations and are still waiting for the trumpets, seals, and bowls to open. If that is their belief system than that is what they will experience. I choose to believe that we are at the end of Revelations, and are about to witness peace on the fifth dimension Earth.

I don’t like to see anyone suffer. I pray that more people will wake up and move from the fourth dimension Earth of fear (false evidence appearing real) into the higher dimension of peace. It’s only our belief systems that hold us to a certain frequency. Let go of the past and live in the now. Release all anger and judgment from your consciousness. Forgive everyone for everything. It’s not good to hold a grudge. Don’t judge anyone, you could have walked in their shoes in a past life-time. We are immortal beings. It’s time we take our power back and manifest our greatness. We are an amazing race of people and the whole galaxy is here to witness our graduation. Lets make it a grand celebration. I send you my blessings!

*** By Mahala ***

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