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Planet Alert for February & March 2001

Did you feel the energy from the festival in India? I felt it very strongly. This festival was foretold by the holy people of India for many centuries. They believe it ends the dark cycle of life, and ushers in unity consciousness. This festival started with the lunar eclipse on January 9, 2001, and continues until February 21. The high holy days were from January 14 to the new moon of January 24. This day also started the Chinese new year – the year of the snake.

They said there was a particular star alignment with this festival. I wondered what this alignment might be, and discovered that the planet Saturn has been, and is, conjunct the star Algol. This particular star has been considered, by Astrologers, to be the worst star in the heavens. It probably got its reputation from some dark event that happened in the past. This star is very close to the seven stars in the Pleiadian constellation.

This celebration is based on the ending of the dark cycle of the Kali Yuga. The Hindu believe that by bathing in the Ganges River at this time, they will cleanse themselves from all of their Karma, and will be able to jump off the cycle of rebirth. According to many peoples’ belief systems, Saturn is the planet of Karma. Because that planet is conjunct Algol during this time period, it does look like this is the end of the old way of doing things, and the birth of a new cycle.

It is also the time when the Rod of Power was transferred from the East to the West for manifestation. The Hindu belief system is one of going within and finding peace through meditation. The West has been more action oriented. Now there will be a balance between going within, and taking action.

On January 4, we moved into the Red Castle of Birth in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. This birthing period lasts for 52 days until we start a new castle on February 25. The glyph on January 4 was Red Magnetic Dragon, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet is feminine energy. The Red Dragon wavespell nurtures birth. It is energetic, receptive, powerful, protective, creative, and sensitive. It rules mother energy and blood. We started the birthing process on December 17, 2000. We are now nurturing the Christ child within us that wants expression.

How do we manifest this Christ energy? There are four steps to manifestation.

1. Accept everything as it is – including yourself.
2. Step out of polarity – do not judge anything. All is well in the world.
3. See unity or everything interconnected.
4. Manifest love in your heart.

By manifesting the above energy we will automatically change our DNA, and become brilliant light beings.

Because there is still energy on Earth that needs to be transformed, there may be what some consider very negative events that transpire on Earth in the next couple of months. The large planet Saturn remains on 24-25 degrees Taurus, conjunct Algol, until the spring equinox. This can be considered the period of darkness before the dawn.

On April 20, Saturn moves out of Taurus, which rules money, and moves into Gemini. If money has been a problem, it’s now time to start creating abundance. We create by our thoughts and emotions. When Saturn moves out of Taurus, we should see a new energy around abundance.

In my last article, I said we were moving into a very intense time period. This was because the planet Mars was moving into a 90 degree angle to Uranus. Uranus rules electricity, and Mars rules energy. Look what happened in California during that time period – they had rolling black outs. This energy also manifested in the Philippines as they ousted their president. Uranus is considered the rebellious planet

Both Uranus and Neptune are in Aquarius. These planets are activating the Philippines, Taiwan, New Guinea, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and the east coast of China. This energy is stationary there, and continues to manifest as Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and social unrest.

The two giant planets – Jupiter and Saturn – went direct on January 24-25. Planets are very powerful on the day they turn direct. On January 25, our time, there was a 7.9 earthquake in India. On that day the moon was making a 90 degree angle to Jupiter which was activating the energy in India, and they had a large earthquake.

The opposite point of this energy is California. They manifested this energy as an electrical crisis. The earthquake could have gone to California, although the Mayan glyph pulled it into India. I also think that the tremendous energy activated by the festival in India helped pull the energy to that part of the world. The festival was on one side of India and the earthquake was on the other side.

In my study of Astrology, I have found that Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus play a large part in activating earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Mars and Jupiter activate military action. Neptune rules oceans, ships, gas, oil, drugs, and chemicals. Pluto rules land slides. The planet Saturn is stationary over the West Coast, and the Middle East, until the end of April. There may be Earth activity on the coast as Saturn moves closer to shore. This can work out in storms, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

When planets are retrograde, it appears like they are moving backward. This stirs up a lot of energy within people that needs to be looked at and released. Now all the large planets are in forward motion. This means that events will manifest very fast, although there will be some confusion when Mercury goes retrograde from February 3 to February 25.

In early February the planets form a T cross in fixed signs. This is very stressful energy for people who have planets in the last ten degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Mars moves into Sagittarius, a fire sign, in mid February and opposes the giant planet Jupiter. At this time we may see troop movement, or military action, somewhere in the world. If any kind of military action is taken at this time, it will not work out as planned because of Mercury retrograde.

Our president George Bush was born with his node, and Uranus on 20 degrees Gemini. The United States Mars is on 20 degrees Gemini. This means he came in as a Mars president. His Uranus and node are on the degree of military action, which he could activate suddenly and unexpectedly. This degree may give him great military honor, or dishonor, depending on how he uses this energy.

The first activation of this energy will be when Mars opposes Jupiter in mid February. Then in mid March, the planet Mars conjuncts Pluto. This energy will continue to be in effect throughout March. This aspect can cause terrorist action, or it can work itself out in fires, or volcanic eruptions. The Mexican volcano is just one of many that may erupt with Mars opposing Jupiter in a fire sign. Southern California will also feel this energy in mid February. We are in for a couple of months of intense energy. The old way of doing things is not going to work anymore with the new energy that is manifesting on Earth. We’ve waited for this time period for thousands of years and beings from all over the Universe are here to observe how we play out this drama.

There are events happening in Florida that are very exciting in nature. According to an email I received – the City of Ancients has risen in Vero Beach, Florida. Etheric cities have always been here, except they exist in a dimension that most people can’t see. Since the Earth is increasing in frequency, some people are now able to see this city in Florida.

In early November, the founders of Higher Path discovered what they thought to be an ‘energy vortex’ during a night-time walk on a public beach in Vero Beach. In late November, a small group watched from the beach as the city broke the surface approximately 2 miles off-shore. The first reaction was incredulous, followed by a mutually-voiced decision that it must be Atlantis – because visible – in the center – was a HUGE crystal tower from which colored light emitted in horizontal and vertical bursts, often visible to the naked eye, clearly visible to the ‘third eye’.

Around December 20, it made landfall when equally spaced etheric pyramids – visible to the naked eye as shimmering energy fields formed as pyramids – appeared on the beach. Since then, it has been moving inland at a steady rate. As of January 8, 2001 it has been seen to extend approximately 8 miles south, 10-12 miles north and 7-10 miles offshore – where another tall crystal pyramid is intermittently spotted with the naked eye. They have been told the city is moving inland to an unknown destination.

I find this information very interesting because I was told that the old Atlantis energy cycle ended on November 2, 2000. Florida and the East Coast were all part of Atlantis energy. Atlantis may have extended further inland to the Mississippi River, or maybe even further. I know the West Coast was part of Lemuria. Now it’s time for the new energy to manifest in all kinds of interesting ways. For more information on this new city, go to the web site called Higher Path.

I hope you have released all of your negative experiences so you can enjoy these incredible times. Oneness energy is here. It’s time to experience this energy by manifesting peace, love, joy, and happiness. May God bless you.

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Mahala has been an Astrologer for about 20 years and specializes in World Astrology. She edits a newsletter called Asklepius of Light which is published every 2 months. Mahala can be reached at

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