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Email Notifications

Dave here, the technical administrator of Mahala’s Astrology site, with a note about the email notification signup process.

If you signed up for email notifications and if you are not regularly receiving emails as new content gets posted on the website, it could be that your email has not been completely validated through FeedBurner. In an effort to reduce ‘spam’ FeedBurner implements a couple safety procedures when registering with their service. Not only do you have to interpret a picture into characters but you have to click on a link that they send you in email. With the second security feature, clicking on the link basically validates that you own the email address that you’re registering. This is where most people don’t complete the validation process.

It is fairly common for the email, send by FeedBurner for this validation process, to either end up on a ‘spam’ folder or simply be overlooked as junk. Thus, the final step in the registration process is never completed. Thus, you don’t receive notifications like you wanted.


  1. Enter your email on the in the “Enter your email address:” location and press the Subscribe button.
  2. FeedBurner pops up a window where you have to interpret a picture. Do so and press the “Complete Subscription Request” button.
  3. FeedBurner’s window’s contents will change stating that “Your request has been accepted!” It then states: “Please check your inbox for a verification message from “FeedBurner Email Subscirptions”, the service that delivers email subscriptions for Mahalas Astrology. You will need to click a link listed in this message to activate your subscription.”
  4. Look in your inbox and find that email
  5. Click on the link in that email as the directions require.

If you follow all these steps, the FeedBurner email notification service will be able to notify you as new content is posted on this site.

Also note that FeedBurner provides a link to their Unsubscribe service in each email that is sent. Please take advantage of that as needed.

Thank you.


Email Notifications — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Laura,
    Yes, you ordered a pastlife report. There are two problems that are preventing you from getting it. 1) you’re not getting my emails. To solve this, please send me an email. Don’t comment here, but actually go to the pastlife report page and type in my email. Please. and 2) When you send that email, send your birth information. I need
    Your birth date: Month, day, year
    Your birth time: Include am/pm
    Your birth location: city, state, country
    Your Name: as you want it to appear on your report.
    Once you email me this info, I’ll be able to complete your report.

  2. Hi.I thought I ordered a past life description, but I dont see my name…and there is nothing in my junk mail…May I please try again?
    Thanks for your assistance..
    Love and light.

  3. I can’t find anywhere on your site to simply register for emails. The only option that comes up is to leave a comment. It won’t accept just my name and email address so hopefully going this route will add me to your list.


  4. You used to have an easy way to order the Cayce readings?

    I’d like to order one for my daughter, Quincy Wren Rusich, April 13, 1985, at 7:17 am in Medford, Ore. Also, she has Saturn conj. her Uranus and it has been on her descendant for awhile……allot of upheaval…..I could pay the $35. in the donate section? Please advise and send the report to my e-mail as she is coming to visit me on my 68th. B-day, May 3rd. We Love You! Shine on Brilliant Sister xoxo

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