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Empower Yourself, Empower our World

Guest article by Mona @

Recently many people have been asking me about how these changes can work when they feel lost, or stuck. I say that you really are not lost, or stuck, even though it feels like that! Truthfully, you are in transition and as with any shift, even with diets, we hit a plateau. In the world of internal change, this can feel stuck or lost. Recognizing anything is called an “A-HA” moment. When we recognize an internal sadness or discomfort, we can begin to see that it’s time for change. It’s important to feel what we are experiencing. That alone can change the old cellular patterns just by acknowledging that you’re ready to move forward, and sometimes that comes with the sensation of feeling alone, lost, stuck, unaccepted, disappointed with life, not understood, etc. If we are able to shift the perspectives as we feel these emotion, we will feel the internal support that will get us through these ominous times.

When I read people and where they are energetically, I witness each person on a verge of some change. My Cherokee mentor of 12 years, Karen Land, used to say there are 2 ways to get things done in this world.. the easy way and the hard way! When we feel these shifts occurring, we may take the hard road , not because we want it that way consciously, but because it pulls in a stronger meaning to some people to know you are capable, consistent, and sometimes, a diehard!

Yet, we have to ask ourselves if that is even truly necessary in the way of shifting gears in our lives. Most of the time, you’ll find it really isn’t. We look back on our experiences and have to ask ourselves why we did the things we did in the past, even though that was the best we knew at the time! So now here we are. A new experience is happening that will change you forever from the past to the internal moment of now…. but how?

Your experiences are your own, however, it’s a small world and sooner or later you come across someone who resonates to the same thing you’ve been through! You learn by listening to what they did in their situation, and either feel that you could do what they did, or just basically say, “I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that!” Either way, this synchronistic occurrence is a blessing at the time you are in the throws of change. So here are a few pointers for abiding by these changes for your own internal shifting, which all roads leads to Self Empowerment!

  1. Be OK with the changes you feel and recognize them.
  2. Realize that you are “being prepared” by letting go internally to the things that do not work in your life anymore.
  3. Know that internal dialogue is important and be the observer as you experience these emotional changes.
  4. Be watchful so as to not judge yourself, you are now re-creating the real you to become the master of your own thoughts, decisions, ideas, and mostly, your soul’s satisfaction.
  5. Remember that the old ways don’t support you. Blame, anger, guilt, etc. are unproductive emotions and cannot move you forward ,and they certainly do not create empowerment.
  6. Pay attention to others and see that you are not alone.
  7. Give yourself credit in all you’ve learned, and know you are coming into the best time of your life by being patient, and observant.
  8. Go with what makes you feel alive and passionate!
  9. See life as a purpose, not that you have to have a purpose to be alive.
  10. Love is everywhere, we are just re-designing it for ourselves!

Self Empowerment is front and center! I did a channeling in December of last year, and the information that came through says it best. “2015 will be like kneading the dough. You knead the dough and add all of the good ingredients and create a consistency that will rise. Add the spices, the salt, the yeast, the enjoyment of the kneading. Then in 2016, we’ll put the bread in the oven as it solidifies into more awareness. In 2017, you eat the bread you made.

So let’s make this tasty and create the reality of who we are, without judgment, only with an understanding that all is in perfect divine timing. Empowerment is about trust in yourself. It is also about listening and realizing that you are capable of doing anything you put your heart into! Receive new things and take back the power that is yours, and not someone else’s.

Did you know that when you abide by these wonderful feelings and conditions, that the old conditions that caused illness will not have a place in our body? It’s natural law….As above, so below!

Here’s to you!! Here’s to us, and to our world as we really become ONE inside and out!! Mona~


Empower Yourself, Empower our World — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been feeling “out of the loop” at least since this year started. I have just been sleeping late and getting up whenever I want to and actually enjoying it but feeling “guilty” about doing it! That’s crazy isn’t it? It’s my life and I can live it anyway I want.

    I loved the comparison to baking bread too. We are all just a work in progress 🙂

  2. i enjoyed reading your article makes alot sense to me as i have been going thru-changes since about still not through with change..still tired all the time and have sometimes headaches for no reason..vertigo more than alot,most of the time.. i want to move to another location but feel stuck..not good !! thank you for the encouragement m.kincer

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